Three Ways to Download Kobo Books

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If you are an avid reader, sticking to one ebook platform will be the real pain. Besides Amazon Kindle, Kobo is also one of the most popular ebook vendors where many book lovers around the worldwide prefer to consuming ebooks. To enjoy your Kobo books on multiple devices, the first step is to download it. In this article, I will share three ways to download kobo books so that you can find the proper way to download your kobo books.

1. How to Download Kobo Books to PC (Windows/Mac)?

No matter you are using Windows or Mac, the process of downloading kobo books to computer is almost the same. Here I will show you how to download Kobo books to computer on Mac platform.

There are two different ways to download kobo books to PC. You can either use Kobo desktop application to sync and download kobo books, or download kobo books to Adobe Digital Editions.

• Kobo desktop sync and download Kobo books

Step 1. Download and install Kobo desktop application.

Step 2. Launch Kobo desktop application and sign in. When you login, just click on “My Books” tab to go to your kobo library which contains all your purchased Kobo books.

Step 3. Click on the “Sync" icon at the top right corner to sync and update your book library with the latest books.

download kobo books

Step 4. To download kobo books, just click on the “Download" icon at bottom right of the book cover. The book will be downloaded to your computer successfully. Once the book has been downloaded completed, the download icon will disappear.

sync kobo books

• Download Kobo ebooks to Adobe Digital Editions

Step 1. Go to Kobo official website and then sign in with your registered information.

Step 2. When you log in, find the user icon, click on the down arrow besides it and then select “My books” from the drop-down list. Then you will go to your Kobo library and see all your purchased books.

kobo library

Step 3. Click on the action icon (three dots) under the book cover, then select “Download” button at the drop-down list. The book will be downloaded as .ACSM file, not epub or pdf file.

download kobo books from website

download acsm file

Step 4. Since the acsm file is not a real book but the link to download the kobo books, you have to convert acsm to epub or pdf with the help of Adobe Digital Editions. 

Download & install Adobe Digital Editions. Launch ADE, click "Help > Authorize Computer". A window will pop up. Simply enter your Adobe ID and password, tap "Authorize" to authorize your Adobe Digital Editions. If you do not have one, just click "Create an Adobe ID" to create one.

authorize ADE MAC

Open the acsm file with Adobe Digital Editions. You will see there is a processing bar showing you the downloading status.

download kobo acsm to epub

Once the books has been downloaded successfully, it will be open automatically in ADE. You can also find the downloaded EPUB/PDF file on your computer.

These are two ways to download kobo books to PC. Just follow these instructions, you can easily download Kobo books to your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where are my kobo books stored on my computer?

A: Books downloaded via Kobo desktop application:
Windows defualt path : C:\Users\user name\AppData\Local\Kobo\Kobo Desktop Edition\kepub
Mac default path: /Users/user name/Library/Application Support/Kobo/Kobo Desktop Edition/Kepub

Books downloaded via Adobe Digital Editions:
Windows default path: C:\Users\username\Documents\My Digital Editions
Mac default path: /Users/username/Documents/Digital Editions

Q: What’s kobo book file format?

A: Books downloaded via Kobo desktop application are with no extension, but actually they are kepub files encrypted with Kobo DRM. Books downloaded via Adobe Digital Editions are standard epub files but encrypted with Adobe Adept DRM. For removing Kobo DRM or removing Adobe Adept DRM, please read how to remove Kobo DRM.

2. How to Download Kobo Books to Android/iOS Devices?

Kobo also has developed its Android and iOS app, so you don’t have to own a Kobo eReader to read kobo books. For downloading Kobo books to Android or iOS devices, please install Kobo for android or iOS at your device at first. For the process of downloading Kobo books to Android or iOS devices is almost the same, here I will only introduce how to download kobo books to android.

Step 1. Launch Kobo for android and sign in with kobo account information.

Step 2. Tap the top right menu button, and select “My books” to go your kobo library.

Step 3. Under “My Books”, you can see “collections”, “Books”, “Audiobooks” tabs. Just tap “Books”, you will see all your purchased books.

download kobo books android

Step 4. To download the book, just press the “Download" icon, the book will be downloaded to your android device. Once finished, the download arrow will disappear.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q:Where are kobo books stored on android?

A: The default path for books downloaded to android device is: This PC\You device name\Internal storage\Android\data\com.kobobooks.android\files\4763d8f65eac433b4e82e475e9eb9016\epubs

Q: What’s kobo book file format on Android?

A: When I open the folder stored the kobo books, I found that the content of the folder is unpacked books. It contains the database of the kobo books as below picture.

kobo books on android format

3. How to Download Kobo Books to Kobo eReader?

Kobo eReader is the official device that supports kobo books. Here are two ways to download kobo books to kobo eReader.

Method 1. Download kobo books directly from Kobo eReader

Step 1. Open Kobo eReader and sign in with your Kobo registration information.

Step 2. At the home screen, tap menu button at the top left corner, and press “My Books” to see your Kobo library.

Step 3. If the book is in cloud, there will be a “Download” icon next to the book title. Just tap it, the book will be downloaded to your kobo device.

download kobo books Kobo ereader

Method 2. Transfer Kobo ebooks from Adobe Digitial Edition to Kobo eReader

If your kobo books have been downloaded to Adobe digital Editions on your computer, you can just transfer the kobo books to your Kobo device.  Below are detailed steps.

Step 1. Connect the Kobo eReader to your PC. There will be a prompted window on Kobo, just tap “Connect” to finish the connection.

connect kobo to pc

Step 2. Launch Adobe Digital Editions and you will see KOBOeReader at the left column under “Devices” tab. Right click the gear icon and select “authorize Device” to authorize this device to read the books downloaded via your Adobe Digital Editions.

authorize kobo ereader

authorize kobo ereader successfully

Step 3. Select the books you want to transfer to kobo, right click the book cover--->Copy to Computer/Device—KOBOeReader. The book will be transferred to Kobo device.

transfer kobo books from ade to kobo reader

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where are kobo books stored on Kobo eReader?

A: Books downloaded to Kobo eReader are stored at your Kobo device here: \.kobo\kepub and in Kepub format.


These are three methods that you can use to download your Kobo books. No matter in which way, the Kobo books you downloaded are protected by DRM which restrict you to read the Kobo book at limited devices and apps. How to crack the Kobo DRM? The most powerful tool--Epubor Ultimate is highly recommended to remove kobo drm and convert kobo books to any other format!

Download Epubor Ultimate for free:


remove kobo drm from kobo desktop

You can also watch this video to remove Kobo DRM.


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