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02/6/2024 06:53:53

The app works great downloading and saving Tidal tracks/albums/playlists locally for offline playing. I needed a such thing for a long time because sometimes I experienced internet shutdown. I have a Tidal HiFi Plus subscription and I save downloaded stuff in FLAC format. Initially I was a little bit skeptical if the flac container preserved the CD and HiRes quality but I analyzed some downloaded files randomly in a spectrum analyzer and compared with spectrograms of originals (bought from various sources like Blue Coast Records, Stockfisch Records, Chesky Records, HDTRACKS etc.) and there were not any differences both in spectrum and ears.

A little problem occurs when a playlist you want to download contains two or more tracks with same name (cover tracks for example). Only one will be saved because the others will be overwritten. I resolved that glitch saving them in different locations, renamed and moved to the original playlist.

So the application is great as well as the support team. Thank you Epubor!        

02/7/2024 10:02:33
Thank you for your feedback. We are glad to know that you like the Tidal Downloader.

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