Tips and Tricks for Boyue Likebook Air (JDRead Venus)

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JDcom and Boyue jointly launched the second Chinese made eReader – JDRead Venus on March 15, 2017. It’s also called Boyue Likebook Air in North America and Europe. The product is primarily designed for Chinese users. It is defined to be a flagship Chinese pocket eReader which has better render effect on Chinese characters than Kindle eReaders do. It runs a newer version of Android 4.4.2 on i.MX.6 SoloLite single core 1 GHZ CPU. The open Andriod system supports to install third party apps from Google Play which brings more playability to users. It has 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage space, and an SD card slot to expand the storage further. It features a 6-inch 300 PPI E-ink Carta screen with a frontlight which enables you to read in the dark. Its battery capacity is 2000mAh which allows you to read with it constantly for about 25 days. The built-in reading app supports ePub, MOBI, PDF, TXT, FB2, DOC, and HTML files. It has massive digital resources that you can access and purchase books directly from the device anytime anywhere. So it’s enticing to millions of people including the ones who don’t settle down in mainland China.


In this article, I’ll unveil and illustrate some tips and trips of Likebook Air which facilities your usage experience and helps you to make the most of the product.

(1) Quick Access functions
(2) Other tips & tricks
(3) Import books into Likebook Air

Quick Access functions

1. Reading light quick start

Touch and hold the virtual HOME key for 5 seconds to turn the reading light on. If you want to turn the light off, just touch and hold HOME again for another 5 seconds.

2. Image retention removal

Sometimes partial refresh may results in image retention of previous page to be reflected in the current page (it occurs mostly when you set to refresh every 10 pages). You just need to press HOME key and hold for 2 seconds to start refresh, then the image retention is removed.


3. Toggle between page-turning keys

Sometimes you want to switch a hand to hold your eReader after you maintain a pose to read for a long time. JDRead Venus is among the very few eReaders to take that into account. You can set page up with left key, page down with right key, or set page up with right key, page down with left key.

4. Disable touchscreen

Open a book, click the first icon on the ribbon to disable the touchscreen. Once the touchscreen is disabled, pages can only be turned by pressing the entity keys on either side. Then you don’t need to worry about the reading page is turned into the next page by accident when your fingers touch the screen unintentionally. You can touch and hold the screen center for 2 seconds to enable the touchscreen again.


5. PDF Cropping

Likebook Air supports PDF cropping and gray level upgrade. You can enjoy reading manga on the eReader with better user experience after cropped PDF edges.

before cropping after cropping

Other tips and tricks

1. Fast download ebooks

Normally you can search books in bookstore when your Likebook Air is connected to internet. It’s quite easy but the drawback is that the search is not very smooth. Due to the innate features of eReaders, the screen flashes when images come out during the search process. My suggestion is that you can download a JDRead App in your mobile phone and sign up to the app with the same account as your Likebook Air. Download books and place them in bookshelf from your mobile phone. Then go back to your Likebook Air and read the books on the eReader.

2. Force restart

Sometimes your Likebook Air hangs and the images are frozen. You can’t pull out the battery and insert again to boot it up just like what you do with other Andriod devices. Under this circumstance, please press and hold all entity keys for 10 seconds, then a triangle icon appears in the screen. You just need to follow the normal boot-up procedure, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds, your Likebook Air will be booted up normally.

3. Change wallpaper

Put a wallpaper you want to use into system-screensaver.
Swipe down from the top of the eReader, go to Settings;
Tap Wallpaper setup, select custom wallpaper.

change-wallpaper-1 change-wallpaper-2

Import books into Likebook Air

1. Import books via USB cable

Likebook Air supports to transfer books with epub, txt, mobi, pdf, fb2, html, and doc formats via USB cable. Connect your eReader to computer via USB cable, create a new folder and place it to the root directory of your eReader, and copy and paste the books from your computer to the new folder in your Likebook Air. Then eject your eReader, and go to Bookshelf section in your Likebook Air to check the new books you just imported.


2. Import books with TF card

Likebook Air can access data in your micro TF card. So you can place some books in your TF card and insert the card into your eReader. The books will be scanned and imported to your Likebook Air from TF card automatically.

3. Transfer books via wifi

Likebook Air also supports book transfer from PC/mobile phone to the eReader via wifi. Make sure the wifi hotspot connected to the eReader is the same as the PC or mobile terminal network. Open the wifi transfer interface on your Likebook Air, scan the QR code in the main panel with your mobile phone, or input the given in the browser address bar on a computer. When landing to the wifi transfer webpage, select the books you want to transfer, wait for processing, then the books are uploaded successfully to your Likebook Air. Go to Bookshelf section and you can check the newly transferred books on your eReader.


The above are part of tips and tricks for Likebook Air that we present to you. Of course there’re a few hidden knacks need to be dug up. Leave your comments below the article to share your unique tips and tricks on this eReader!

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12/23/2017 04:00:06
battery capacity is beyond my expectation,nice device
12/24/2017 09:01:16
Yes, and it's available beyond China, you can purchase it anywhere.
12/23/2017 15:54:43
Excellent!I'm gonna read every day~
12/24/2017 08:59:49
Thank you for your support! Your trust in us is most precious. We'll continue to write helpful articles.
04/22/2019 08:34:26
Hello - I have been reading about the Likebook Air and I like what I have seen so far.  If I buy one, it would be used only as a calculator - specifically, as a spreadsheet device.  Can anyone tell me if an android spreadsheet app such as Thomahawk's Simple Spreadsheet would work on the Air?  Thank you.  Jim
04/25/2019 00:27:21

I have to ask two questions here.

1. Does it really have an TF card slot?
(it's never mentioned in the specs nor do I see a slot on the pictures)

2. Is it really running Android 4.4.2 or 4.2.2?
(4.4 is quite different from 4.2)

10/12/2019 04:44:08
Thank you very much!
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