Tips and Tricks for Your New Kindle eReader

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kindle tips and tricks

Received your new Kindle eReader. Now what? Here are some tips fot Kindle eReaders, You can find a lot of useful features to use your new Kindle.

Tip 1:How to Quickly Change Font Size on Kindle ?


I think everyone knows that how to change font size on Kindle, just tap the top of the screen, select "Aa" icon, and adjust it to what you want. It's not complicated, however, There is also another way to change Kindle font size, easier and faster than the original way.

The easier way to change font size on Kindle :

1. Open an eBook on your Kindle eReader.

2. To zoom in the font size, just quickly slide your thumb and pointer finger away from each other on the screen, and you will find the text will automatically grow by one degree.

3. To zoom out the font size, slide your thumb and pointer finger together in a pinching motion on the screen, likewise, the text will narrow by one degree.

That's it, very simple to do. If you don't know it before, try it now.

Tip 2: How to Take a Screenshot on Kindle?

take screenshot on kindle

Original Kindle, Kindle 2, Kindle DX, Kindle Keyboard- Press and hold Alt-Shift-G on the keyboard.

Kindle 4 (the model with neither a touchscreen or a keyboard)-Press and hold the home button and the keyboard button.

Kindle Touch- Press and hold the home button, and then tap anywhere on the screen.

Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage, Kindle Oasis?- To take a screenshot on the Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Voyage, simultaneously press two opposite corners of the screen.

if you want to get the screenshot, just connect your eReader to the computer, and find them in the documents folder or root folder.

Tip 3: Where are Kindle Books Stored?

Kindle for PC/MAC app will create a folder to store all your downloaded books, sometimes you may want to find books by yourself, below there are locations to find default Kindle folder:

Mac: /Users/Your user ID/Library/Containers/com.amazon.Kindle/Data/Library/Application Support/Kindle/My Kindle Content?

Windows 7, XP, Vista: C: / Users / Your User ID / Documents / My Kindle Content.

Windows 8, 10: C:\Users\your user ID\Documents\My Kindle Content

If you meet problems to find the default Kindle folder, open Kindle for PC App, and click "Tools --> Options", then go to "Content" tab, you will see your Kindle content folder.

For Mac user, click "Preferences" from the Kindle menu. In the General tab, you can find an entry Content Folder and a button to change it.

where are kindle books stored

Tip 4: Where is Kindle Personal Email Address?

You can find your Kindle personal email address on Kindle eReader or Amazon website.

Find Kindle Personal Email Address on eReader:

Tap "Settings" --> "Device options" --> "Personalize your Kindle" --> "Send-to-Kindle Email"

Find Kindle Personal Email Address on Amazon website:

Go to Amazon website, find "Manage Your Content and Devices". Click "Your Devices", and you will see all your Kindle devices, including your Kindle Reading App, such as Kindle for android, Kindle for iOS.

Click the device or app you want, and you will see the Kindle Personal Email Address. Normally, it ends with @kindle.com.

Kindle-personal email address

Tip 5: Set Password to Protect Your Kindle

Though you may think this is a funny question but it is true that we can install apps to our kindle paperwhite.

How to Set Kindle Password?

Press the Menu button and select "Settings" --> "Device Options" --> "Device Passcode".

Then type a password in the Password column and type again to confirm. After set the password, whenever to wake your Kindle out of Sleep mode, you need to type the password. But , you don't need to enter a password to open an eBook.

How to Cancel Kindle Password?

It's very easy to cancel your Kindle password, just like set Kindle passcode.

Press the Menu button and select "Settings" --> "Device Options" --> "Device Passcode" --> "Turn Off Passcode", and then type your passcode.

What If I Forget the Kindle Password?

If you forget the Kindle password, just type "111222777" in the password column. But remember, doing this will reset your Kindle Device, which means all your personal information will be deleted from this device, including Kindle eBooks, account information, sideload eBooks or documents.

Tip 6: Add Custom Font to Kindle

You may don't like the default font on Kindle and want to add custom font to your Kindle books, it's not cpmplicate to accomplish.

add fonts to kindle paperwhite

First, you need to remove DRM from your Kindle books, so that it can be edit. You can use Epubor Ultimate or Calibre to remove Kindle DRM.

Second, Convert the DRM-free books to AZW3 format with Calibre, when converting it, you can add the custom font which you like.

At last, transfer the new AZW3 book to your Kindle, when clicking the top area of the screen, tap "Aa", you will find there is a new font--"Publisher Font". This means we add fonts to Kindle successfully!

Read this guide for more details: How to Install Custom Fonts in Kindle without Jailbreak?

More Kindle tips and Tricks:


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