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Comparing the decline of reading ebooks and printed books, listening to audiobooks has become the new trend for passing time. According to surveys, an increasing number of people prefer listening to audiobooks for pleasure rather than reading eBooks. Audible.com, as one of the largest audiobook producers and retailers, is loved by most audiobook listeners.

However, just because Audible is the most popular dedicated audiobook provider doesn't mean it's the only option. It's hard to argue with their overall set of features and the convenience of the Audible listening ecosystem, but there are alternatives to Audible that are excellent for listening to audiobooks. We can always find audiobooks with a cheaper price or better service elsewhere.

Here, I have selected the top 10 Audible alternatives for your consideration.

Pro tip: Before switching to audible competitors, please backup your audible books at first.

Audible Audiobooks

Do you really want to give up Audible? I have to say, Audible is truly the best. Let me show you its basic features first.

Title: Audible offers an extensive collection of over 200,000 audiobooks, including many classics and bestsellers.

Subscription Plans:

Audible Plus (Price $7.95 a month)--includes unlimited listening from the Audible Plus Catalog of select audiobooks and podcasts. There are about 11,000 audio files in the Plus catalog.

Audible Premium Plus (Price $14.95 a month)-- includes unlimited listening from the Audible Plus Catalog + premium selection credits.

overdrive audiobooks

Available on: Windows|Mac|iOS|Android

Part 1 Audible Alternatives Free

While you can find free Audible books on Audible.com, are there any ways to access free audiobooks from other websites? If you're seeking alternatives to listen to audiobooks for free, allow me to introduce two alternatives to Audible where you can enjoy audiobooks without spending a penny.

1. OverDrive/Libby

overdrive audibooks

OverDrive/Libby allows you to borrow thousands of ebooks and audiobooks from your local library and listen for free on any device. With support from over 30,000 libraries, all you need is your library card and a community library that supports this service. OverDrive/Libby provides two different apps for downloading and listening to audiobooks: OverDrive and Libby. Libby, with its modern design, is aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. If you want to listen to audiobooks from OverDrive, I recommend using Libby. Libby automatically downloads your rented audiobooks, remembers where you left off, retains your bookmarks, and even allows you to sync between different devices. While OverDrive libraries offer an extensive collection of over 2 million ebooks, audiobooks, and videos, you can only view and borrow audiobooks that are available in your local library.

Available on: iOS|Android|Windows 10(Libby)

1. All audiobooks can be rented for free;
2. The Libby app is flexible and user-friendly;
3. Easy to access the latest release or even best sellers.

Limited to the library that you own the library card.

If you are looking for ways to borrow free audiobooks from OverDrive, you can read the complete guide on How to Borrow and Listen to OverDrive Audiobooks.

2. Librivox

Librivox audiobooks

Librivox provides free public domain audiobooks to listeners worldwide. You can either be a listener, enjoying free audiobooks on the website, or a volunteer, contributing by recording public domain books. While Librivox boasts a large collection of free audiobooks in various languages, the quality may vary as they are recorded by volunteers globally. Nevertheless, all audiobooks on Librivox are completely free. If you're in search of free audiobooks, Librivox is an excellent resource.

1. All books are totally free;
2. Be able to access the classic works;
3. Easy to find audiobooks in different languages.

1. Audiobooks are very old;
2. The quality of the audiobooks are not as good as Audible.com.

Available on: No apps, listen and download audiobooks from website directly

Part 2 Cheaper Alternative to Audible

Beyond the free audiobook service, there are some Audiobook services that are with very low subscription fee. That is Audiobooksnow.com.

3. audiobooksnow


audiobooksnow can be considered the most affordable Audible alternative. The Club Pricing Plan offers the best deal on digital audiobooks available. In contrast to Audible's subscription fee of $14.99 per month, the Club Pricing Plan is priced at $4.99. Additionally, the Club Pricing Plan provides a 50% discount on your first audiobook each month and 35-40% off on all other purchases. With a library featuring over 80,000 titles, including classics and bestsellers, AudiobooksNow caters to a diverse audience. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, allowing you to download audiobooks for offline listening. Moreover, you can also stream your purchases to your computer through your web browser without the need for any additional apps.

1. The subscription plan is much cheaper than Audible's;
2. Some audiobooks are not protected by DRM.

Some DRM-protected audiobooks are not downloadable.

Available on: iOS|Android|web browser

Part 3 DRM-free Audible Alternative

It is universal known that all Audible books are protected with DRM and only can be played at Audible compatible devices and apps. Another Audible competitor -- Downpour, which offers the DRM-free audiobooks.

4. Downpour

Downpour audiobooks

The standout feature of Downpour is its commitment to offering DRM-free audiobooks. Downpour believes that listeners should have the freedom to enjoy audiobooks whenever, wherever, and on any device. With no DRM protection, you can seamlessly listen to your audiobooks on any software or device. The monthly fee is $12.99, making it a more budget-friendly option compared to Audible Premium Plus. On this platform, you have the flexibility to rent or purchase audiobooks according to your preferences. As a direct competitor to Audible, Downpour boasts a library of around 70,000 titles available for download. It's worth noting that while you can purchase extra credits for exchanging audiobooks, some titles may cost two credits, which is higher than Audible's pricing.

1. Subscription fee is cheaper than Audible's;
2. Audiobooks are available for renting;
3. Audiobooks are DRM-free.

The Downpour app is very simple and can not let you browse for new titles.

Available on: iOS|Android|web browser

Part 4 Audible Alternative with Unlimited listening

Different from other Audible alternatives, some websites similar to Audible but offers the unlimited listening service, like Scrid-Everand.

5. Scribd/Everand

scribd audiobooks

Scribd/Everand's unlimited service was launched on February 6, 2018, with a primary focus on ebooks rather than audiobooks. I attempted to ascertain the number of audiobook titles it contains, but precise data is not available. However, Scribd mentions in its FAQ that it offers hundreds of thousands of ebooks, audiobooks, and News & Magazines from over hundreds of publishers. With a premium membership priced at $11.99/month, users have unlimited access to the premium collection. It's important to note that not all titles are consistently available, and if you only encounter a preview of a specific title, a notification will indicate when the full access will be granted. Since the November of 2023, the Scribd moves its ebooks and audibooks to its branch: Everand. If you are a subscriber to Scribd, your subscription provides you access to all three of our products: Everand, Scribd, and SlideShare.

1. Unlimited access to both ebooks and audiobooks, but not for all books;
2. Provide access to Everand, Scribd, and SlideShare.

1.  Restrictions on some titles may apply.

Available on: iOS|Android|web browser

Part 5 Best Audible Competitors--Alternative for Audible

Talking about audiobooks, almost all websites have their membership plans, bu there are some websites enable you to purchase audiobooks without subscription service requirement.

6. Google play Audiobooks

google play audiobooks

As a competitor to Amazon, Google play Audiobooks also entered the audiobook market at the beginning of 2018. A significant distinction from Audible's audiobooks is that Google Play does not offer a subscription plan. This means there is no mandatory monthly membership fee that provides one audiobook per month. Instead, users can choose to purchase Google Play audiobooks at any time, often with special discounts offered by Google.

Google Play audiobooks are accessible on various platforms, including Android, iOS, web, home speakers, and devices that use Google Assistant. Despite the absence of an official report from Google detailing the exact number of titles in its audiobook collection, it is assumed to have fewer titles than Audible, given its relatively recent entry into the audiobook industry.

For individuals who do not plan to listen to one audiobook every month, Google Play audiobooks offer flexibility. Additionally, every audiobook purchased remains securely stored in your account for as long as you desire.

1. No subscription requirement;
2. Audiobooks can be listened at multiple devices.

1.  The titles are much less than Audible.

Available on: iOS|Android|web browser

7. Nook Audiobooks

nook audiobooks

Differing from the recent entrant Google Play, Nook has been selling audiobooks for a few years. Nook distinguishes itself by not having an audiobook membership plan, eliminating the need for a monthly fee. As an alternative to Audible, Nook offers a collection of around 60,000 titles, which is relatively smaller compared to other Audible alternatives. Adopting a pay-as-you-go model, Nook allows users to make individual purchases without being tied to a subscription service. Nook Audiobook proves to be a favorable choice, particularly for individuals who infrequently listen to audiobooks, as it provides flexibility without the commitment of a subscription.

1. No monthly fee.
2. Decent selection of audiobooks.

1. Nook audiobooks can only be listened with Nook app for Android, iOS.
2. Nook audiobooks cannot be returned and are non-refundable once they have been downloaded to your device. 

Available on: iOS|Android

8. Chirp

chirp audiobooks

Chirp is dedicated to helping you discover new books and audiobooks at affordable prices. Different from other audiobooks service, it doesn't charge a monthly subscription fee. To access the Chirp audiobooks, you just simply buy your books and get access to them via the Chirp audiobooks app. If you have signed up for their email, you'll receive the daily emails which has pointed out the best deals for you.

1. No subscription fees, credits, or waitlists.
2. It offers a lot of really Low prices on popular audiobooks, but the deals are changing constantly.

1. The titles are much less than Audible.
2. It is only available in US and Canada only for now.
3. You are not able to view the audiobooks on the Chirp app before purchasing them which is a little bit inconvenience.

Available on: iOS|Android|Web browser

9. Kobo Audiobooks

kobo audiobooks

Kobo can be assumed as the most Audible-like alternative. It added audiobooks to its offering from 2017 and already has a large collection of over 5 million of the world's best eBooks and audiobooks. Like Audible, it also has audiobook subscription service which costs $9.9 per month. You can get 1 credit which can be redeemed for one audiobook. A big drawback of Kobo audiobook is that the audiobooks only can be listened with Kobo app for Android and iOS which means you can not listen to audiobooks on your computer.

1. Membership is cheaper than Audible's.

1.  Audiobook titles are fewer than Audible.
2. Kobo audiobooks can only be listened with Kobo app for Android, iOS.
3. Special discount for students.

Available on: iOS|Android

10. Audiobooks.com


Audiobooks.com is focusing only on audiobooks, and has over 100,000 audiobook titles available now. The price of Audiobook.com membership is the same as Audible's which is $14.95. But Audiobooks.com enables you to purchase additional credits at the this price for treating additional audiobooks. You can purchase as many credits as you like without any limitation. I know this price is extremely high when compared with Playster or other audible alternatives, but if you want to keep your audiobooks for ever and build your own library, Audiobooks.com is a good alternative to Audible.

1. Gift plan enables you to surprise your loved one.

1.  Audiobook titles are fewer than Audible.
2. The price is extremely high due to the credit system.

Available on: iOS|Android

11. Storytel Audiobooks

storytel audibooks

Storytel is another European-based subscription ebook and audiobook service provider. It has excellent multilingual support covering over 150 languages, including English, Dutch, Swedish, Hindi, German, Korean, and many more. While similar to Audible, Storytel offers its fair share of exclusives, often focusing on local talent and unique storytelling. If you are interested in region-specific stories, Storytel Audiobooks is a good option for you.

1. You'll get Unlimited access to ebooks and audiobooks.
2. You can listen to the region-specific stories.

1.  The Storytel collection is still smaller than Audible’s library.
2. It is not available for users in many English-speaking countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Available on: iOS|Android

12. Libro.fm

overdrive audiobooks

Founded in 2014, Libro.fm partners with more than 2500 books stores around the world to sell audiobooks and has members in 60 countries. Although Libro.fm is an audiobook service that very similar to Audible, they enable you to allocate a portion of your audiobook sales to support an independent bookstore of your choosing! How does it work? You have the option to purchase books individually from Libro.fm at their listed price, or you can opt for their monthly subscription service, which provides credits redeemable for any audiobook in their extensive catalog. Additionally, audiobooks are available for purchase in their sale section. If you want to start a membership, and the price is $14.99 per month for 1 credit.

1. Your payment will go to the independent bookstore of your choice.
2. You can buy the audiobook with or without the membership.
3. Your can download your purchased audiobooks as mp3 format and listen to them on any of your favorite device.

1.  Its subscription fee is higher than Audible's.
2. It only has over 400000 audiobooks.
3. It doesn't offer the free trial.

Available on: iOS|Android

Audible Alternative Comparison Table

I have write down the most important features in the following sheet. You can browse the following table and select the one you like most.

  Price Titles Supported system
Audible Audible Plus ($7.95/month)
Audible Premium Plus ( $14.95 /month)
Over 11000 ebooks, audiobooks and video's for unlimited listening( Audible Plus
Over 200,000 audiobooks
iOS, Android(Libby), web
OverDrive Free Over 2 000,000 ebooks, audiobooks and videos iOS, Android, Windows 10(Libby)
Librivox Free Over 15,000 No apps, listen and download audiobooks from website directly
audiobooksnow $4.99/Month+50% off for every purchase Over 80,000 iOS, Android, web browser
Downpour $12.99/Month for 1credit+buy or rent audiobooks Around 70,000 Android, iOS, Web browser
Scribd $11.99/month for unlimited access to ebooks and audiobooks, which include access to Everand, Scribd, and SlideShare Around 70,000 Android, iOS, Web browser
Google play Audiobooks No subscription required no data from Google Android, iOS, web, home speakers and devices that use google assistant
Nook Audiobooks No subscription required Not clear Android, iOS
Chirp No subscription required 60,000 Android, iOS, Web browser
Kobo Audiobooks $9.99/Month for 1 credit+buy audiobooks with credits or money over 5000,000 of audiobooks and ebooks Android, iOS
Audiobooks.com $14.95/month for 1 credit+purchase additional credits any time over 1,000,000  Android, iOS
Storytel €6.49 per month (varies by region)+unlimited access to ebooks and audiobooks over 400,000 Android, iOS
Libro.fm $14.99/month for 1 credit over 400,000   Android, iOS

After checking so many Audible alternatives, which Audible competitor will catch your attention? If your choice is still Audible.com, but you may feel frustrated sometime because the Audible audiobooks are protected by Audible DRM and only can be played on limited MP3 players or devices. If you are also in this dilemma, it's time to introduce a very powerful tool to help you break through the DRM restriction and enjoy Audible on any device. Please meet Epubor Audible converter which can help you convert audible to DRM-free MP3 file with original quality. Splitting audible into chapter is also supported. Just download the free trial today to liberate your Audible books today!

Download Epubor Audible Converter


download audible to mp3


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08/17/2018 11:23:56
Thank you for sharing.
02/15/2019 16:03:06

Audible service and staff attitude is a clear indication that Amazon is getting closer to the end of its life cycle!

They are so arrogant and you have to beg them to activate your membership while they promise somebody will contact you in 24 hours.

I can bet the Amazon will be phased out in 5 years or even less!

02/16/2019 11:07:10
Then you may consider these also terrific audiobook sites.
09/16/2020 03:34:07
There are a lot of choices in audiobook purchases. When Audible started they were not affiliated with Amazon. I was a member at that time and was concerned about how it might change. I have never had a bad experience with any of their support staff in almost 20 years of being a member. I have tried some of the others, and like most things some are better than others. One not mentioned here is called Chirp. They are new and you buy the audiobooks at as little as.99 cents.There is no membership and the only drawback is it can only work on mobile devices.For a lot of people that is what they want.
09/16/2020 08:40:46
Thank you for sharing your experience on Audible. Audible is the first choice for many audiobook lovers.
07/4/2019 08:28:17
Thanks for this. Adible is terrible at marketing. They think everyone who uses their service is far left. I've twice tried to contact them to ask them to offer even one or two titles in their free monthly offers that would appeal to conservatives. Nothing. In fact the following months they chose titles that were even more insulting. I will be switching for sure. Just need to figure out which is best for me. Thanks again.
07/5/2019 08:37:48
You are welcome. We sincerely hope this article can help you.
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09/16/2020 03:20:12
They may have less demand. I know that I am not interested in reading heavy books or political ones because when I read I want escape. There is enough unpleasantness in life right now. If you want Christian books they have plenty. I have never noticed a lack of conservative books and I have been an Audible member for almost 20 years.
07/17/2019 04:30:38
Playster is no longer 1.50 a month but 14.95. Sadly the alternatives
to audible keeps shrinking.
07/17/2019 09:45:53
Thank you for sharing this with us. Yes, Audible takes the biggest share in Audiobook and still expands it.
02/27/2021 05:52:43
I simply wished to appreciate you all over again. I do not know the things I might have taken care of without the entire points documented by you on my field. Completely was a very hard matter for me personally, however , viewing a new professional approach you processed the issue forced me to jump for joy. I am happier for this support and even believe you realize what a powerful job you're undertaking training the rest using your web blog. Most probably you've never encountered any of us.
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03/27/2020 06:51:31

I appreciate all your research.  Thank you.

But...I. Did not see Hoopla mentioned.  Depending on your library a person can rent movies, ebooks, audio books from 4to 10  titles each month for 21 days at no cost.

It is odd though that Palm Harbor only allows 4 per month but Clearwater library about 3 miles south allows 10!  So check to see how your local library is set up and apply for your card at the most generous library.  


03/27/2020 09:59:57
Yes, Hoopla is a good place to get rented library books and audiobooks.
07/14/2020 07:49:16
TY so much!!
This info is priceless to me!
07/14/2020 08:30:53
You are welcome.'
08/27/2020 21:18:11
You didn’t mention Hoopla - I get to check out 12 audiobooks a month For free by using my library card with them!
08/28/2020 09:01:38
Yes, Hoopla is a free online library where you can get free audiobooks.
09/23/2020 01:03:50
I have been an Audible member for years.  I have tried various other audiobook services over the years but there really is nothing that compares.  Their service and staff have never failed me.
I do still use OverDrive and Librivox for some things and I occasionally look to see if another audio service has entered the racebut I aways go back to Audible.
09/23/2020 08:45:13
Thank you for sharing your own experience. Yes, Audible is the best, but there are more choices than Audible.
05/3/2021 16:45:42
I’m searching for alternates to Amazon‘s Audible. If they don‘t pay tax, I‘ll find a service that does. Thanks for the list!!!
05/6/2021 09:42:14
Glad to know you like it. Have a nice day.
07/6/2021 10:45:47
I've never had an issue returning books on Audible until today. Now they say only 3 can be returned daily & at their discretion if they'll allow a return. The only reason we still have Audible since 2018 was because of the ability to make returns. I thought the customer service person was wrong & asked to speak to a supervisor. The condescending twit tells me she's "going to educate me on the return policy". I have a masters degree & don't need someone to reiterate something that's not on their website. Time to look for alternatives. I know people are cutting back due to COVID but it looks like they'd want to retain the customers they still have.  
09/19/2021 23:54:19
How disappointing, this article is just one big infomercial
10/25/2021 11:53:23
So what are your suggestions?
10/25/2021 11:52:10
Thanks! Two questions. What's the best option for privacy? Which service is not owned by big tech giants? By that I mean black rock and friends are not their main investors.
05/3/2022 05:27:22
Amazon now has a disturbing history of putting their profits above their workers wellbeing - workers die in tornadoes (Illinois and  Kentucky 12 Dec 2021),  workers die when not permitted to go home when they identify as ill (  Bessemer, Alabama 28 & 29 Nov 2021) Use credible sources and verify for yourself.  I am looking for ethic businesses to spend my money with. Amazon are not demonstrating being worthy of my investment.  Worker and workplace wellbeing are essential in any business.
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