Top 10 Kindle Fire Cool Tricks You Must Know

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We all know that Kindle Fire is a good tablet, and there must be a large number of users are using this device, like me. But as a "special" android, a lot of things go differently, which made us a little depressed when looking for some new experience. This guide lists Top 10 Kindle Fire Cool Tricks that you may want to know, for example, how to set wallpaper on kindle fire hd, what apps we must have for kindle fire, etc. And I'm sure they are helpful.

Top 10 Cool Kindle Fire Tricks

Whether you are an honest Kindle Fire tablet user or a new owner, these cool kindle fire tricks listed in this guide will help you find more funny of this device. Some of them may be the "key" you are always searching for, and others may just play a role in broadening your eyes, but whatever the function is, these tutorials are worth reading.

Why I say Kindle Fire is a "special" Android? Yes kindle fire is an Android OS device, but Amazon put its own flavor on it, and we prefer to call it Fire OS, based on android 4.2.2. It is unique in many ways from common android. It is unique, and particularly well-suited for certain kinds of users. You feel so good that you can enjoy amazon's special services, yes?

However, we should be aware that we lose something when we get something. We can enjoy amazon's special services, but the same time we lose some natural services of android. In other words, not all the things we could do on android can be also adopted to kindle fire. It's a pity, yes? What's worse, just because of the uniqueness, it's possible that one thing we do on android at ease may be unexpected too difficult on kindle fire. So?

So here I write this guide, bring you top 10 kindle fire cool tricks, for making your kindle fire a powerful tool.

Before deeply learning, it would be better if you could take a glance at these basics.

Basic Getting Started Tricks for Kindle Fire

BatteryHere are some tips for you to save your Kindle Fire's battery power. Put your kindle fire to sleep mode when not in use; Lower the brightness when no need to full blast; Turn off Wifi when not using it; Exit an app when going to be away from device; Reboot kindle fire; Set screen to sleep mode.

AppsAmazon Appstore gathered a large number of apps for us to use, but if you want to install apps from outside the Amazon Appstore, you can do it, just need to turn on "Allow the Installation of Applications from Unknown sources" lacated in Settings> Device. Besides, you can even install Google apps with rooting.

Books Kindle is famous for its books' services. We can purchase and download files to our kindle fire for reading. But kindle books can only be read on kindle devices and kindle apps. And in fact Kindl fire only supports books purchased from kindle store. You may have discovered that kindle put limitations on their books and devices, which makes users unable to read ebooks freely. If you have a collection of ebooks on your computer, or your other devices, then you want to read them freely on your Kindle fire, this tool Ultimate eBook Converter is needed. Help you strip the limitations (DRM) and convert books to kindle supported format.

FilesYou must know we can transfer files with USB cable, but you may don't know that after we created an amazon account, we own an amazon email address, which allows us to transfer files to kindle fire. And we can also transfer files and books to our fire with some good apps.

Now let's check the full list of kindle fire cool tricks.

Trick 1: Change Kindle Fire Wallpaper

In the introduction, you can get a full guide about how to change wallpaper for kindle fire (rooted fire). Then you can set your beautiful photos as wallpaper or screensaver, no need to worry about whether it may turn back to original after you lock the screen. A valid way to customize your wallpaper.

Take a good look at How to Change Kindle Fire Wallpaper

change wallpaper for kindle fire

Trick 2: Root Kindle Fire

If you want to make your kindle fire a real android tablet, the first thing you should do is to root it. It provides you lots of extra content in ways that are impossible with an unrooted kindle fire. More capabilities added.

As rooting job is not so easy, so following the instructions is very important. Guide in this part we list easy way for you to go, just do step by step.

Take a good look at How to root kindle fire

root kindle fire

Trick 3: Turn Kindle Fire into Android Tablet

If you think rooting is a messy job, or you met some problems during that process, maybe this trick could give you some good ideas. Just with installing an Android launcher! What's more, after you get it, you can still enjoy your original amazon launcher freely. Either is OK.

This is simple to help you experience android tablet services and features on Kindle Fire.

Take a good look at How to turn Kindle Fire into Android tablet without Rooting


turn kindle fire to android

Trick 4: Cool Apps for Kindle Fire

Though you may find that apps in amazon store are not so rich, but I have said that amazon makes it possible for we kindle users to enjoy some unique services from its store, apps are not the exception.

So if you desire more adventures to improve the basic use of your tablet, these apps listed in trick 4 may be your choice. Free apps you must have on kindle fire, make your tablet even better. For example, Evernote, ES Fire Explore, Dropbox.

Take a good look at Must have free apps for nexus 7 and kindle fire

must have free apps for kindle fire

Trick 5: Install Flash Player on Kindle Fire

The native Silk browser of Kindle Fire doesn't allow us to install Flash Player to watch videos. However, who doesn't like playing videos with a tablet device?

This trick introduces you to install flash player on kindle fire from a different browser (not silk, the kindle fire's default Internet browser). Steps are simple, full of images are included in this tutorial.

Take a good look at How to install flashe player on kindle fire


install flash player for kindle fire

Trick 6: Sites to Download Free Kindle Books

When we talk about Kindle, we may associate to Kindle eBooks, yes? So another easy trick is where to download free Kindle books.

We know Kindle store gathered a lot of free ebooks every day, but always being trapped in kindle store may be a little tired, so here I write 60 sites for you, enjoy different kinds of ebooks on your fire.

Take a good look at 60 sites to download free kindle books


download free kindle books

Trick 7: Share Kindle Fire Books with Friends

Many people choose to share books with friends by sharing their own account informations, but do you know that there are another better ways?

Chances are, read this trick you will get 3 methods to share kindle books. Specific steps, recommended good tools, screenshot and even video are offered.

Take a good look at How to share kindle fire books with friends

share kindlefire books

Trick 8: Print from Kindle Fire

print from kindle You may find yourself in a situation where you still couldn't make full use of your kindle fire, such as print files.

If you are looking for an easy way to print from Kindle Fire, this trick please.

Take a good look at How to print from kindle fire


Trick 9: Transfer files to Kindle

Want to put files and apps on Kindle Fire? There are 3 methods we can use: transfer by cable, by third-party app, or by amazon email.

Depends on reading devices, transferring job will be a little different. Trick in this guide divide kindle into several kinds, Kinde paperwhite, kindle app, of course contains kindle fire. Just choose the part you like.

Take a good look at How to transfer books to kindle or kindle fire


Trick 10: More Freebies Tips Services for Kindle Fire

Here is a full list closely about Kindle tips, freebies and services that we have collected.

Take a good look at Kindle tips & tricks


cro buttom


Trick 1 How to Set Wallpaper on Kindle Fire

Trick 2 How to Root Kindle Fire

Trick 3 Turn Kindle Fire into Android Tablet

Trick 4 Cool Apps for Kindle Fire

Trick 5 Install Flash Player on Kindle Fire

Trick 6 Sites to Download Free Kindle Books

Trick 7 Share Kindle Fire Books with Friends

Trick 8 Print from Kindle Fire

Trick 9 Transfer files to Kindle

Trick 10 More Helpful Tips Freebies for Kindle Fire



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?????????? I have a kindle fire and i love using it,i did not know i could do so much...
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Most of those tricks I still didn't know thanks to this post. I have a rooted device and I used the tool from this site oneclickroot. com
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