6 Best PDF Editors for Windows 2020

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It can be said that PDFs are the most widely used file formats by now since it represents a digital print-out of a page. It's accepted by almost all operating systems. Just as important as a PDF reader on your device, PDF editor is also an indispensable tool. Nowadays PDF editors are becoming increasingly popular for editing pdf files. In addition to reading pdf documents, pdf editors can also help you create, edit and organize documents with much ease. With this kind of tool, you can add notes, underline and edit any text in the contents, too. The first thing for you to edit pdf files is to ensure that your prepared files are not encrypted. If your pdf files, however, happen to be encrypted, here I could provide you with solutions.

If you want to edit pdf ebooks, the DRM(Digital Rights Management) must be stripped first. If the DRM isn't removed successfully, you can not do anything with it. Here I highly recommend you the best DRM removal and eBook Converter in the market-Epubor Ultimate, which can help you remove DRM from your PDF purchased books and even convert DRM-protected Kindle/Kobo/Google Play books to PDF. You only need to drag and drop the PDF file to it, and click the button at the bottom to convert any ebook to PDF.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

convert drm-free ebook to pdf

Once you drag your pdf ebook to the right, it will be decrypted immediately. If you want to know more about removing DRM from ebooks, please go ahead to Best DRM Removal Tool for eBooks.

After the DRM is removed successfully, you can start to edit the documents. Here are 2019 best 5 free-download PDF editors for Windows. I promise you, these tools can absolutely meet your basic PDF editing requirements.

1. PDFelement
2. Movavi PDF Editor
3. PDFescape
4. PDF-XChange Editor
5. Icecream PDF Editor
6. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

1. PDFelement

PDFelement is an easy, fast and smart pdf editor, which offers a much easy way to edit pdf files, including text, images, page, watermarks, backgrounds and etc.

pdf element

Download PDFelement

Supported OS: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android


1. User-friendly.

2. OCR available.

3. Support multiple languages.

4. Easy to edit text and annotate quickly.

5. Can create and convert PDF files from/to other formats.

6. Fully compatible with Windows 10.


1. A little slow to open docs.

2. Program is prone to crashes when file sizes are too large.

3. OCR scanner does not recognize some special characters correctly.

4. You won't have access to all features in the free trial version.

2. Movavi PDF Editor

Movavi PDF Editor offers a smart approach to working with PDFs. It lets you take care of routine PDF-related tasks without risking the security of the user’s information.

Movavi PDF Editor

Download Movavi PDF Editor

Supported OS: Windows, Mac


1. User-friendly and designed for maximum ease of the customers.

2. Editing PDF files is much easy.

3. Support extracting individual pages from a PDF file and converting it into a PDF document.

4. Support combining two different PDF files.


1. A comparatively slow interface and lags a little when converting big files.

2. Lacks specific Adobe Acrobat PDF features like batch functions and annotations.

3. PDFescape

PDFescape is a smart alternative to Adobe Acrobat for Windows. It's a free PDF reader, editor, form filler and form designer. There is a desktop version and an online version about this PDF writer.

pdf escape

Download PDFescape

Online PDFescape

Supported OS: Windows 10, 8 & 7


1. Edits text and images.

2. Brings clarity allowing for instant usability.

3. Can compress PDF file sizes.

4. Can merge multiple PDF documents at once.

5. Converts PDF to Word & other formats.


1. When opening too large PDF documents, the software runs slowly.

2. Redundant menu options.

3. Text alignment is needed.

4. PDF-XChange Editor

PDF-XChange Editor is a smart, fast and feature-rich free PDF writer on the market. If you work with PDF, this fully-customizable software will optimize your work efficiency.

pdf xchange editor

Download PDF-XChange Editor

Supported OS: Windows XP or later


1. Supports OCR to recognize text in scanned documents, images and text files.

2. Selects or edits text easily and quickly.

3. Can add comments and annotations.

4. Diverse functionality.

5. Easy-to-use interface.


1. Documents will be watermarked if you use a free version. (Be careful !)

2. The text edit feature is a little bit cumbersome and not very intuitive.

3. Poor conversion to powerpoint.

5. Icecream PDF Editor

Icecream PDF Editor is another PDF editor with which you could increase your productivity while managing your PDF files.

icecream pdf editor

Download Icecream PDF Editor

Supported OS: Windows 10, 8 & 7


1. Edits any text in a PDF document with ease.

2. Visually combines and reorders PDF pages, split and merge PDF files.

3. Annotates PDF easily.

4. Adds shapes and lines to PDFs.

5. Can add your own watermark to the document.

6. Absolutely free.


1. Not available on Mac OS.

2. Cannot export PDFs to other formats.

6. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat DC is the world's leading PDF reader and pdf editor, which is designed for viewing, editing and managing files in the PDF formats.

adode acrobat pdf writer

Download Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Supported OS: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android


1. Multi-functional.

2. User-friendly.

2. It's easy to edit documents by editing text, changing words, fonts, size and highlighting.

3. The menu bar highlights the most important features.

4. Provides electronic signature services.


1. Expensive.

2. Sometimes the processing of PDFs to open is slow.

3. Text recognition won't work sometimes.


All of these five PDF editors have their own features and advantages. If you let me select one from these five, I would unhesitatingly choose the fourth one, that is, Icecream PDF Editor. Because it can meet most of my PDF editing needs, with a clear and user-friendly interface and a pretty great design. Maybe Icecream PDF Editor is not the most feature-rich PDF writer, but I dare to say it's the easiest-to-use one I've ever met for Windows. Another attraction for this PDF editor is that it's completely free when other PDF editors with similar functions charge you around $70 and even more. It's simple for you to download it and start editing and organizing your pdf files without spending a penny. Doesn't that appeal to you? If you are a Windows user, why don't you have a try right now?

Lastly, I'd like to remind you that the DRM must be removed from PDF files before you want to edit them using the PDF editor. To remove the DRM from ebooks, the powerful Epubor Ultimate is highly recommended to you to help solve your problem. Trust me, this tool can definitely meet your demands.

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Have you heard about PDF Studio?  It supports hundreds of features and is cost effective. There is an OCR function which you can also use on a batch of documents.
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