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People likes audiobooks, so there are more and more audiobooks produced by different publishers. If you are really an audiobook lover, you will not choose to buy the audiobook directly from the online websites, but order their audiobook subscription service. If you are familiar with this service, you will get much benefits from this service. Since there are so many websites provide audiobook subscription service, you must be curious which one is the best or which website should we order from? Do not worry. We've tested many audiobook subscription services and have listed 6 best audiobook subscription for your choice.

Amazon Audible Subscription

Audible subscription service

Like Amazon in the eBook industry, Audible is also standing on the top of the audiobook industry. As the largest commercial audiobook provider, Audible.com contains 180,000+ best sellers, new releases, mysteries, science fictions, romances and more. What makes this website is so popular among audiobook lovers? Let’ look at the main features of this website.

1 This website is with more than 180000+ audiobooks available which not any other websites can surpass.

2 You can get 30 days free trial. During the trial, you can get one free audiobook and one credit to buy another audiobook. That means you can get two free audiobooks without any cost. After the 30 days, the membership is 14.95$ per month. You can get one credit per month for buying audiobooks, plus 30% off to buy any audiobook. As we all know that audiobook is very expensive, 30% off can save you a lot of money. Even more, if you do not like the purchased book, you can exchange it for another one without any other cost.

3 Whispersync feature is the most attractive feature for me. You can switch from reading to listening or listening to reading a book. It will remember your stop place at both ebook and audiobook.

4Audible is very easy to use. You can purchase the audiobook from your Audible account or amazon account. Then download it to your computer or device to listen to the audiobook.

As a coin has two sides, the Audible also has disadvantages. Compared with other subscription services, its membership is too expensive. Its membership is the highest among the top 5 websites. Another drawback of Audible is all downloaded audible books are with DRM protected which means they only can be played on certain players and devices. This is frustrating. Anyway, you can follow the official guide to convert Audible to MP3, and then listen to the audible audiobooks on any devices.

  • Audible Escape, a new name for Audible Romance Package, is a real unlimited audiobooks subscription which allows you to get access to a huge number of romance audiobooks with unlimited listening.
    For new Audible Escape subscribers, first 30 days free. After one month, it costs $12.95 per month. If you are a Kindle Unlimited or Audible member, it costs only $6.95 per month. It would be a good choice if you want to enjoy unlimited audiobook listening.
    Still, you can download Audible Escape audiobooks to your computer for better listening experiences.


Downpour subscription service

If you love audiobooks but hate DRM, I suggest you have a look at Downpour. It will not let you down. As one of the best Audible alternatives, Downpour sell audiobooks and have subscription service, but the biggest difference is all audiobooks from Downpour are without DRM. When you download the audiobook from this site, you can listen to it on any device or player, and keep it in your account forever. Beside the DRM thing, there are also other advantages of this subscription service.

1, The membership is 12.99$ per month. You can get one credit every month. Members can purchase the audiobooks with the credit and download it. Members also can purchase multiple credits at the price of 12.99$ for each. The expire date for credit is 12months from the date you get it into your account. It allows you have 12 credits in total.
2, It saves you up to 70% off the retailing price if you own the membership.

Anyway, we have to admit that Downpour is not as famous or well-known as Audible. The catalog is smaller than Audible and only with 60000 audiobooks for your choice. Sometime people will complain that can not find the book they want.


Scribd subscription service

Scribd is not only a digital library, but also offers subscription service of an ebook, audiobook and comic book. If you are the member of Scribd, you are free to access 150000 titles available on this website, including ebooks and audiobooks. At the very beginning, Scribd offers unlimited access to its audiobooks, but now the unlimited reading only for titles from a rotating selection of the library would be available. The subscription service is only 8.99$ per month. With the membership, you can get 3 book credits and 1 audiobook credit each month. The subscriber also can unlimited access to sheet music, documents, magazine and son one.

Your monthly credits can roll over, but you can only accumulate up to 9 book credits and 3 audiobook credits at a time. If you cancel your membership, your monthly credits and audiobooks will be removed from your account.

Updated 2/5/2018: Scribd officially announced that they brought back their "Unlimited" subscription service. If you have ordered the subscription service, you can access an unlimited number of books, audiobooks, magazines, and more. However, if you cancel the subscription, you are not able to access any ebook or audiobook. If you are an avid audiobook listener and listen more than 2 audiobooks every month, you should never miss this audiobook subscription. For the membership, it is still 8.99$ every month as before.


Audiobook.com subscription service

Another giant in audiobook industry is Audiobooks.com which has a library of more than 100,000 audiobooks, covering romance, thrillers, young adult, fictions, business, and bios. It also provides audiobook subscription service for $14.95 per month. During the subscription, you can get one audiobook credit per month and save 75% off anything else you want to purchase. There are also other features should be mentioned.

1, You can also enjoy the ability to purchase additional audiobook credits and exclusive member-only promotions.
2, Before you buying one audiobook, you are allowed to listen to this book for 3 minutes. This service is user-friendly and help us decide whether we should buy this book or not.
3, You are also allowed to listen to the audiobook while streaming this book with an internet connection.

Anyway, we have to admit the Audiobook.com subscription service price is the same as Audible but with fewer audiobook titles. Audiobooks.com currently offers downloadable files to iOS and Android devices only.


Tunin subscription service

If you like listening to radio on your phone, you must be familiar with TuneIn. This company has found in 2002 and now has more than 100,000 radio networks available. With their premium service launch in 2016, people can enjoy their over 40000 audiobooks with 8.99$ per month. As more and more audiobook websites have canceled this unlimited conscription service, TuneIn Radio really surprises us. This unlimited subscription service has been welcome by many audiobook lovers. TuneIn Premium also brings the members over 600 commercial-free music stations.

Compared with other Audiobook streaming service, TuneIn is less expensive and also enables you to listen to any available audiobooks on its site. However, the audiobook catalog is a less than other websites. It also not gives you any credit to allow you to purchase the audiobooks.

Updated July 2018-- Unfortunately, as of the middle of January, TuneIn has discontinued their audiobook service. We are here to give thanks to the information provider and our royal reader "Jan Rubak" who sends us the information in the first place.


Kobo subscription service

As the rival of Audible, it is the first time the Kobo gets into the audiobook biz. Kobo started its Audiobook subscription membership at the beginning of September 2017. It is a little bit later than other websites, but time is not the most important element to judge one’s service. The entire audiobook titles is powered by Overdrive. Now the Kobo audiobook subscription service is available is US ($9.99/mo), the UK (£6.99/mo), Australia ($12.99/mo), Canada ($13/mo) and New Zealand ($13.99/mo).

Just like Audible subscription service, you can also get the free trial and receive 1 credit during the kobo audiobook subscription free trial. If you enroll in the Kobo audiobook subscription, you can purchase the audiobook with lower price than usual. Kobo allows its subscription members purchase the Kobo audiobooks credits (9.99$) for each book to trade for the audiobooks which is more than 9.9usd. However, you can only purchase three instant credit at a time and a maximum of 24 credits in a year. What’s more, Kobo has Price Match Guarantee to ensure you can get the audiobook at the lowest price.

You can cancel your Kobo audiobook subscription anytime. After the cancelling, all your purchased audiobooks will still be at your account. What’s more, your unused credit will remain valid for six months beginning from your cancelling date. If you want to purchase the audiobook, Kobo is your best choice!

To be mentioned, all the Kobo audiobooks only can be listen on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet with the FREE Kobo App.

Free Audiobook Subscription Service

Before aforementioned paid audiobook subscription service, there are also some free audiobook subscription services around there. If you are tight on the burget, just try the following free services.


Different from other paid audiobook subscription services, you can find many classic free audiobooks here since LibriVox only offers public domain titles and recorded by volunteers. It allows you to download the audiobook in mp3 format or stream them online for listening. It is the prefect place to save your money but entertain your life.

OverDrive or Hoopla

If you have a local library card, you can just try to use their online service, such as borrowing audiobooks via OverDrive or Hoopla. Besides borrowing audiobooks, you are also given the access to their ebooks, magazines, comics and so on. Since these two apps are working with the public libraries, you don't have to pay for the subscription fee. The main difference between these two apps is that you don't have to wait for your books in Hoopla but you may have to wait in the que for the book in Overdrive .

Final Words

Here is the best websites with audiobook streaming service I want to share today. I can not tell which one is the best, but you can tell me which is your favorite in the comment. You are also welcome to share other good audiobook service in the comment.

If you happen to enroll in the Audible subscription, you may be affected by the Audible DRM. Here I want to introduce the most powerful Epubor Audible Converter to you. With this Audible Converter, you can convert Audible aa/aax to mp3 with a few seconds. Just download and have a try.

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I read on your site the Scribd is unlimited and thought you should know that it is Not Unlimited as they say. I have had 2 problems when I started reading books in a series and after the 2nd, suddenly the others became "Unavailable" until the day my new payment is due. After a few emails exchanged, the rep said that some might not consider it unlimited and admitted that our book selection does trigger a book Rotation...in my case both times it stopped me from following my course of reading. Unlimited means Without Limit, simple. If you doubt this, just ask them. Or I can forward you the emails.
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