Top 6 Problems with Kindle Fire You Must See

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As a hot product of Amazon, Kindle Fire do has something unique. It provides good experience in both tablet and e-book reader at a very cheap price - only $159. Kindle Fire's popularity makes many people compare it with iPad and some Android tablet such as Nexus 7, even though they are not at the same price at all. In fact, Kindle Fire is not as perfect as someone thinks. The reality is that many people complain about Kindle Fire's some unreasonable designs. Here we list 6 most discussed problems with Kindle Fire. You may get a clear sense of this popular product after reading this article.

1. Overheating

This is not a problem which Kindle Fire only has. In most tablets and cellphones, overheating is not an easy issue to overcome. But on Kindle Fire, overheat becomes a bit intolerable. This mainly appears in video playing and gaming. Your Kindle Fire will quickly heat up in minutes. It's no doubt that a hot Kindle Fire makes you feel very uncomfortable in summer days. And what's worse is that Kind Fire may reboot as it's too hot! So you'd better not use any protective case – a case will block heat dissipation.

2. The love to hate "Carousel"

The "Carousel" on Kindle Fire is interesting. Your recent online activity, downloads and app activity will display on the home screen and you can tap to slide them freely. But the problem is that it's not easy to select an item correctly. You may always slide a little more that the item you want to select disappears. The Carousel is just a design which is good in sight experience but bad in practical.

3. Poor app compatibility

One of the most important reasons why many people choose Kindle Fire but not Kindle is that you can install Android apps on Kindle Fire. Most people think Kindle Fire is an Android tablet and they hope they could install any apps on it just like the Nexus 7. But Kindle Fire is not an Android tablet entirely. It runs a deeply, totally customized Android OS which has some incompatibility. Light weight apps such as Angry Birds run smoothly on Kindle Fire. But for some big games which always have large capacity data packet, you may not get good experience with Kindle Fire. The games may get stuck or forced stop when playing or even can't launch directly. So if you want a tablet for gaming, Kindle Fire is not a good choice definitely, perhaps iPad suits you more.

4. No camera

Kindle Fire doesn't have any camera. That means you can't make a video chat with your friends or take any pictures freely. A camera is very necessary for electronic recreation equipment. You can share your happiness with others and record beautiful time. We can see that almost every tablet or cellphone equip with at least one camera (front camera). Even though this design is a cost consideration, it do decrease much fun.

5. No physical volume button

Do not distain the volume button. We usually need to adjust volume when listening to music and watching video. A physical volume button will help you adjust volume more convenient but unfortunately we don't find it on Kindle Fire. You have to unlock the screen, tap the screen to call up the quick setting menu and then adjust volume carefully as you may slide the volume to max by accident.

6. Can't change wallpaper

The first thing many people want to do after they get a new Kindle Fire is changing wallpaper. But they will get depressed – Kindle Fire doesn't support custom wallpaper unless you root the device. For many users, rooting is not an easy job (actually rooting a Kindle Fire is more difficult than general Android device) so you have to face the boring original wallpaper every day. Want to change? Learn how to root Kindle Fire first!


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