Best Two Ways to Transfer Audible Books to iOS Devices on Mac

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Thanks to today’s busy lifestyles, audiobook listening is quite a hit and growing rapidly specifically with young people. Though it’s considerately convenient to listen to Audible books on the go, the price of one Audible book is much more expensive than its ebook and print book. And the size is way larger than the ebook so that it requires more storage space. So considering its price and convenience, it’s high time to have full control over your Audible books in order to make the most out of it. Thus we are going to introduce you to the 2 best ways to transfer Audible books to any iOS device on Mac.

transfer audible books to ios freely

All Audible books come with DRM protection which is used to prevent users from unauthorized copying and distribution. Therefore, we must remove DRM from Audible books before transferring them to any devices. Luckily, there’s one powerful Audible Converter – Epubor Audible Converter, which can decrypt and convert your Audible books to MP3/M4B losslessly. For more detailed instructions, you can read this step by step guide to convert Audible to MP3 easily. In addition to convert Audible books, one cool function regarding Epubor Audible Converter is that it offers 60X faster conversion speed and even allows you to split Audible books by chapters.

convert audible aax to common format

Method 1 – Share with AirDrop between Mac and iPad

AirDrop is a wireless network which enables the transfer of files quickly and easily among supported Macintosh computers and iOS devices that are nearby over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, without using mail or a mass storage device. Here's how to get started using AirDrop to transfer Audible books.

Before you begin to transfer Audible books to iOS devices:

• Make sure that the iOS devices are nearby and within Bluetooth and Wi-Fi range and have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on.

• Set AirDrop receiving setting to Everyone in order to receive the file.

• Check that you have installed MP3 player to your iOS devies already.

open airdrop on ipad

Step 1On your Mac, navigate to the DRM free Audible book you want to transfer to iPad, tap Share > Airdrop.

airdrop audible book to ios

Step 2Locate the device you want to receive your AirDrop in the share menu. The book will be sent to the recipient by tapping the device name.

share book from mac to ipad via airdrop

Step 3Accept the AirDrop on your iPad.

accept airdrop on ipad

Then it will let you choose which app to play the AirDrop files.

open airdrop withmp3 player

Beyond all doubt, AirDrop is the best service to transfer file between Mac and iOS devices.


AirDrop isn't just for Audio files. You can use it to transfer almost anything that you can share. For example, you can AirDrop an eBook from your Mac to your friend's iOS devices, which is great if they want to read the book later.

Method 2 – Upload Audible Books from Mac to VLC on iPad

Sharing files with AirDrop is definitely the best solution for Mac users, there’s one similar tool – VLC media player, which lets you share files from the web browser to your iOS devices via WiFi.

VLC is one of the best media players for mobile phones and tablets. It is open source and supports more video and audio formats than other music players. VLC comes with almost all the features that make it the fantastic media player that it is. And obviously one of the coolest features that VLC incorporates is the popular Wifi upload which allows you to wirelessly upload video files to your iOS device using a web browser from a computer on the same Wi-Fi network. It makes adding your own content to your iPhone or iPad convenient and simple.

Here’s how to transfer Audible books from computer to VLC on iPad over WiFi:

Step 1Make sure iPad using the same Wi-Fi network as the computer.

Step 2Run VLC on your iPad, tap on Network at the bottom to bring up its menu bar. Then tap On to enable the Share via WiFi option.

enable share via wifi

Once you have enabled the Sharing via Wifi in VLC media player on iPad, you get the local address of your iPad. It would be something like http://192.168.X.X.

Step 3Enter the IP address appeared on your iPad into the web browser on Mac. Then drag-and-drop your Audible files onto the browser.

drag and drop audible books to vlc web browser

Step 4Once finished upload, the Audible file that uploaded will immediately be available on iPad. And all of your shared Audible books will be displayed under Songs tab in Audio category.

upload audible book from web to vlc

Tips: Transferring Audible books to VLC for iPhone/iPad using Wi-fi Upload works for both Win and Mac users.


AirDrop and VLC player enable you to transfer Audible books between Mac and iOS devices with a minimum of fuss. What matters the most is that you can take full control over your purchased books and share them freely.

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