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For an iBooks lover, it's really a good joy to read iBooks on iPad, isn't it? But, when on a tour, at the office room, on a bus, and so on, don't you think reading books holding a heavy iPad is too tired?

Often at this time, I prefer to Kindle eReader rather than an iPad, for Kindle is more lightweight, more friendly to eyes.

So here comes our need: transfer books from iPad to Kindle. I will share the easy way for you to resolve it step by step, including the reason for this.

2 Problems we must face before transferring from iPad to Kindle

Problem 1: Books in iBooks are not allowed to transfer.

Most of our purchased books from iBooks bookstore are forbidden to copy, transfer, and share. Apple put their own DRM (copy protection) on those books. So we cannot move books from iPad to kindle.

Problem 2: Books in iBooks are epub or pdf, not kindle format.

All the books we bought from iBooks are epub format or pdf format, while Kindle devices only support Kindle's own format, such as mobi, azw3, azw, azw4, prc. So even though we can copy our books from iPad to kindle, we still can't read them on kindle, because we can't find a right reading app to open them.

We have found the problems, so if we could resolve the problems, we can reach our goal, yes? Let's come to the "how to" part you may be most interested in.

Step1: Make books on iPad DRM free

Firstly, connect your iPad with your computer by USB. In common you will see the iTunes on your make ibooks drm freecomputer. Yes it says that your purchased books on iPad are saved at this library. Here tell you the default path to find the folder easy: \My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Books.

Then, use this tool to remove drm from your iBooks.

After finished, you will get all your books on iPad non-DRM. They are convertable to any formats.

Step2: Convert books to Kindle format

Download and install ebook converter, it helps you convert books from one format to another format, such as epub, pdf, and mobi.


Then click "Add" to choose your drm free books you got at step1. After books added, choose the right format Kindle "mobi" as the output format. Click "Convert to" button, the conversion will start soon.

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

Step 3: Transfer books to Kindle

After you converted books to Kindle format, at the pop-up window you will get them.

Then connect your (or your friends', daughter's, husband's, etc) Kindle device by USB cable. On your computer you will see "Kindle". Just copy your books from the output folder to the Kindle "documents" folder, you can put iPad books on Kindle.



How to transfer Kindle books from iPad to Kindle

You must install Kindle app on your iPad. Then buy all books you love.

Then you just need to wifi your Kindle, sign into your own Amazon account on your Kindle device, go into your library, all the books purchased on iPad can be synced to your Kindle now.

This part is just a supplement for you. Of course the steps above are still available for this part. The same as transferring iBooks books to Kindle, just make your books convertable please.

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

Now this article comes to the end. Wish you could share your books from your iPad with your family on their Kindle.



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01/3/2018 23:23:26
I know this is an old article but hoping it still works. I bought most books on my iPad because of the bigger screen. I've since gotten the new kindle fire 10 and prefer to use it over my iPad. It's big, but lightweight. It's a shame Apple has to be so greedy and manipulate consumers. It's no wonder they're under fire for other unethical actions. I read a lot and wish I had done more research into what platform to use.
Until App!e allows customers to read iBooks on a kindle, then I will never buy another iBook.
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