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As an Apple user (Mac/iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch), you must be familiar with the iBooks app (now called Apple Books). Undoubtedly, iBooks is the best ebook reader for Apple devices, which provides an excellent reading experience. It not only allows you to read ebooks you've purchased from Apple's bookstore, but also the books you've got from other sites. Google Play Books, a much popular ebook store that offers numerous titles, is a good example of those sites. Is there any way to transfer Google Play books to iBooks?

transfer google play books to ibooks

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What ebook formats does iBooks support?

A: The supported ebook formats of iBooks are ePub and PDF. Therefore, if you want to read ebooks in iBooks, you need to convert them to ePub or PDF format.

Step 1. Download Google Play Books to Computer

First, open a browser on your computer and go to your Google Play Books library. Find "My Books", select a book, click the three-dots button in the corner, and then choose "Download EPUB" or "Download PDF" to download the book to your computer.

download Google Play Books


If the book is DRM-free, you will get a real ePub or PDF format file. For such files, you can just skip to the Step 3 - Transferring Google Play Books to iBooks App.

If the book is DRM-protected, you will get a URL link .acsm file which is not supported by the iBooks App. In this case, we have to take the important Step 2 - Convert ACSM Google Play Books to EPUB/PDF and Remove DRM.

downloaded google play books

Step 2. Convert ACSM Google Play Books to EPUB/PDF and Remove DRM

How to deal with the ACSM Google files? Is there any way to convert ACSM to ebook files? Follow my steps and you will finish the job.

1 Download and install Adobe Digital Editions to your computer. It's a freeware.

2 Run Adobe Digital Editions and authorize your computer with an Adobe ID by clicking "Help" >> "Authorize Computer". If you don't have an Adobe account, just create a new one.

authorize ADE

3 Open ACSM Google files with Adobe Digital Editions.

To open an ACSM file, you can right-click it and then choose "Open with Adobe Digital Editions". You can also double-click the ACSM file, or drag and drop the file to Adobe Digital Editions library.

open acsm with ade

It will take a few seconds to download the ACSM file to a real ebook file. When it's finished, the book will be added to ADE and soon opened.

download acsm to ade

Note: Once the Google ACSM files are added to Adobe Digital Editions, they turn to EPUB or PDF format. However, they are still encrypted with Adobe DRM protection. To take full control of Google Play books, we must remove the Adobe DRM protection. Just continue reading to get this done.

4 Download and install Epubor Ultimate. It's the best eBook DRM removal & eBook format converter in the market. Besides removing DRM from Google Play books, it can also help you decrypt and convert Kindle, Kobo, Nook ebooks.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

5 Remove DRM from Google Play books with Epubor Ultimate.

Run Epubor Ultimate. All your (ACSM) Google Play books opened with Adobe Digital Editions are automatically detected and displayed in Epubor Ultimate under the "Adobe" tab. What you need to do is just drag and drop your books from the left side to the right column. You will find the books are automatically decrypted, which means the DRM is successfully removed.

decrypt google play books

Then you can just click the "Decrypted" word to find your DRM-free Google Play books.

DRM-free google play books

Step 3. Transfer Google Play Books to iBooks App

The iBooks app is available for Mac computers and iOS devices including iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. So in this part, you will learn the method of transferring Google Play books to iBooks for both Mac computers and iOS devices.

Case 1 Transfer Google Play Books to Mac iBooks

If you have finished the above steps on a Mac computer, now you will get the DRM-free Google Play books either in ePub or PDF format. It's so easy to transfer those books to the iBook app of Mac. Just right-click the book and choose "Open with Books.app".

open google play books with apple books

Now your Google Play books have been added to iBooks successfully. And you are able to read them in iBooks freely.

Note: All DRM-free ePub and PDF files can be added to the iBooks library. The ePub files are opened with iBooks itself. However, PDF files are not opened by iBooks, instead, PDFs are automatically opened by the built-in Previewer application when you click them. If you want to read those PDF files in iBooks, you can use Epubor Ultimate to convert PDF to ePub format.

google books in apple books

Case 2 Transfer Google Play Books to iPad/iPhone/iPod iBooks

To transfer ePub or PDF files to iBooks in iPad/iPhone/iPod devices, there are lots of methods available you can try. The method here I recommend to you is to transfer Google Play books to iBooks via iTunes. This is helpful for most people who are using Windows and Mac computers.

Note: If you are using macOS Catalina 10.15, iTunes is not accessible anymore. Please use the Finder or use Airdrop to transfer ebooks from mac Catalina 10.15 to iPad/iPhone/iPod iBooks.

1 Download and open iTunes on your PC or Mac.

2 Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your computer using the USB cable and authorize connection on your iOS device.

3 Click on the device icon in iTunes.

device icon in itunes

4 In the left-side bar, find Books and click it. Now locate your DRM-free Google Play books (epub/pdf), drag and drop them to the right blank zone of iTunes. They will be synced automatically. It may take a few seconds. Please wait until the syncing process is finished.

copy google files to itunes

5 Run the Books app on your iPad/iPhone/iPod. You will find the Google Play books are in your iBooks library now.

google play books in ibooks library

Okay. All done! Now you can start your reading journey. If you didn't remove the DRM from your Google Play books, don't forget to use Epubor Ultimate to get them rid of.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

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