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You may have already bought a ton of eBooks from Kobo store, and always were reading them with your iPad or Android, but now you get yourself a new eReader, Kindle Voyage. So you may want to load your kobo books to Kindle device and read them, right?

Do you know how to transfer kobo books to your kindle eReader? Most of ebook lovers don't know how to. The most frequently asked question is :

How do I transfer epub books from my kobo to kindle device? I dragged them over USB to documents in the kindle, but it appears that kindle won't recognize them!

Yes, if you just drag and drop kobo books to Kindle device, you kindle device will never recognize them. That's because Kobo books are protected by Kobo DRM or Adobe Adept DRM. What's more, most of Kobo books are in epub format. So the DRM limitation and format differences make reading kobo ebooks on kindle device not so easy.

  • DRM: kobo books we purchased from Rakuten store may be protected with Adobe Adept drm or Kobo drm.
  • Format: kobo books are always with common epub or pdf or kepub formats, while Kindle devices only support their own kindle formats, such as Mobi, AZW3, AZW, PRC, etc.

Since now we have figured out the main reasons, to transfer kobo book to kindle, we just need to fix the incompatible issue mentioned above. Follow the below steps to transfer kobo books to kindle device.

Transfer Kobo books to Kindle easy with Epubor Kindle Transfer

transfer kobo books to kindle

Here I want to share a useful tool Kindle Transfer with you. There are different ways to convert kobo books to kindle supported format around there, but Kindle Transfer is definitely the easiest way to transfer Kobo books to Kindle.

Even though your Kobo books synced via Kobo desktop or Kobo eReader are DRMed, during transmission, this tool will automatically remove DRM from Kobo files and convert them to Kindle supported formats. So amazing, right? Just download it and have a free trial!

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

1 For Kobo eReader users:

Based on its clean and friendly interface, it's very easy to use. Just connect both Kobo and Kindle to computer. In the left hand panel, you are choosing the eBook source, so we click on the Kobo.

Then tick the books you want to transfer to Kindle, and choose "Kindle" as target, finally click on "Transfer" button. The software will transfer all the ticked books to Kindle and make them readable on Kindle.

2 For Kobo reading app users:

You just need to install Kobo desktop reading app, sync the books to computer, and point the "Computer" folder to Kobo desktop reading app's content folder. By clicking the pencil icon you can edit the folder path settings.

The Kobo desktop reading app's content folder is:

For Windows: C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Kobo\Kobo Desktop Edition\kepub

For Mac: .../Library/Application Support/Kobo/Kobo Desktop Edition/kepub

Compared to the steps for Kobo eReader users, you just need to click on "Computer" in the left hand panel to choose computer as eBooks source, the jobs left are exactly the same.

Transfer Kobo books to Kindle in summary

I've listed the steps of transferring kobo books to kindle in summary

If you have any problem in transferring Kobo books to Kindle, feel free to let me know by leaving a comment.

Kindle Transfer free download:

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

Another way to transfer kobo books to kindle

Although kindle transfer can help you transfer kobo books to kindle, I also want to offer a different way to convert kobo to kindle in case you cannot find your kindle at your hand.

Step 1 Sync kobo books to your computer via Kobo for PC/Mac.

Step 2 Download and install Epubor Ultimate--the best kindle drm removal and ebook format converter. With it, you can convert kobo to kindle supported format with just 1 click.


Step 3 Launch Epubor Ultimate, and find the kobo book in the left column under "Kobo" tab. Drag and drop the kobo books to the right column to decrypt them.

decrypt kobo ebooks

Step 4 Select "AZW3" as the output format, then click on "convert to azw3" button to start the conversion.

convert Kobo books to Kindle azw3 format

Once the conversion is finished, you can click " Succeeded" to show the converted kobo books.

Step 5 Connect kindle to your computer with USB cable, and then copy and paste the converted kobo books to the "Document" folder of your kindle device.

Now you can read your kobo books on your kindle device.


works for Epubor and writes articles for a collection of blogs such as ebookconverter.blogspot.com.

03/16/2016 17:20:59
Hi Ada,
My Kobo broke while on holiday and I was given a Kindle as a birthday gift to replace it.
Is there any way I can get my Kobo books onto my Kindle as I cannot connect the broken Kobo?
03/16/2016 18:38:04

Hi Pat,
It won't be a problem, and there are two ways to transfer Kobo books to Kindle without Kobo eReader.

One is download books from Kobo website, and in this case, you also need dowoload Adobe Digital editions to receive the book,the next step is easy, strip the DRM and convert Kobo books to Kindle foramt with Epubor Ultimate.

Another method is download Kobo Desktop reading app and sync books to your computer, and then do the same thing as method 1.

You can read this guide for more details, http://www.epubor.com/how-to-read-kobo-books-on-kindle.html

04/28/2016 19:35:19

Hi, I'm confused. I'm wanting to transfer my purchased kobo books to a new kindle paper white, so bought the KindleTransfer software, but when I try and transfer a book all I get is a spinning circle on "status". I thought the kindle transfer software was supposed to handle DRM Kobo books - thats what this post says.

In the reply to Pat though, you are now saying to use a completely different piece of software, epubor ultimate, AND install adobe digital editions, and go through a process to strip DRM.

Does kindle transfer actually work? Did I buy the wrong thing?

05/1/2016 10:02:06
I have the same issue.
11/9/2016 20:01:33
Same for me.
I also note that the 1-star review I put on this site for this software hasn't been displayed, it appears that the 5-star reviews will get published but the 1-star probably won't.
01/9/2018 09:00:28
Did you ever get it to work? We are having the same problem. Either only half the book transfers or we get the spinning wheel of doom. Thanks.
05/15/2016 15:12:08
The above suggestions only work for Windows or Mac. I use Ubuntu. Any suggestions?
09/2/2016 12:05:59
Hi Ada,
My Kobo died recently so I decided to switch to Kindle. But after I downloaded your software onto my Mac Book Air it refused to run it. The computer said it would not use something that does not come direclty from Apple. How do I fix this problem? Thank you
09/10/2016 13:18:52
No matter what I try, I can't get "Target" to change to Kindle. It says "Computer" and I can't change it. Can you help?
11/1/2016 04:03:15
This worked so easy, i was actually quite shocked when I had my Kobo books on my kindle
11/9/2016 19:56:53
Didn't work for me, page wouldn't open correctly, links wouldn't work, couldn't find Kobo.
12/25/2016 23:34:10
Could you kindly tell us which kobo model do you have?
11/9/2016 19:56:59
Didn't work for me, page wouldn't open correctly, links wouldn't work, couldn't find Kobo.
12/24/2016 12:58:14
I cannot get this app to recognize my Amazon Kindle Fire HDX to be recognized, even though it shows up clearly in File Explorer. I am trying to copy my Kobo reader books on my Windows 10 pc to my Fire
12/25/2016 23:32:10
It will not work for tablet, please try to use kindle eReader, such as kindle paperwhite.
03/14/2017 23:08:08

Hi, will these instructions work for transferring to a kindle app on the ipad?  I don't have a dedicated kindle ereader or kobo, I have set up kobo desk app and would like to transfer so that I can read on my ipad kindle app.

thank you

03/28/2017 20:07:14
I cannot link to Kobo windows app. I doesn't work if you have windows 10 and kobo app.
04/19/2017 16:15:49
No matter what I try, I can't get "Target" to change to Kindle. It says "Computer" and I can't change it. Can you help?
06/15/2017 03:40:56
Really worked perfectly thanks a lot guys!
06/15/2017 11:47:59
It's our great pleasure to share the tricks and tips about eBooks.
07/14/2017 09:47:51
I had trouble getting the app to recognise my devices at first, but after some fiddling around I discovered why. It seems like the app isn't able to identify the devices (even though they were showing up in the Device/Drive of my PC) when they were plugged into a USB 3.0 port. Changed them to USB 2.0 and the app suddenly found them and I was able to make the transfer without any problems from then on. Hope this helps some people.
07/20/2017 14:43:26
i can see that the app doesnt recognize the new kindle 8th gen..but older versions are recognized..work on it
08/7/2017 00:46:42
Worked at the first try and perfectly fine. Saved me lots of time and effort. Thx a lot
08/23/2017 23:07:52
Worked perfectly, thanks a lot! :)
12/15/2017 19:42:26
hi, i can seem to see anything to be connected to slot 1 / slot 2 even though i have connected the kindle through usb. i'm doing kobo desktop to kindle transfer. can you help? thanks
12/26/2017 11:09:05
Once the transfer done can the books be loaded onto the kindle e reader??
01/2/2018 16:52:49
Sure, it will be there!
01/21/2018 00:18:35
I am trying to transfer a Kobo book to Kindle.  I downloaded the Kobo desktop app and the Epubor Kindle Transfer then I downloaded my book in the Kobo desktop app.  I see the Kobo book in the Epubor Kindle Transfer app - it's pointed to the right library folder under Computer, but the transfer button is greyed out and won't let me click on transfer.  What do I need to do?
01/24/2018 15:09:50
Please ensure you have plug in the kindle to your computer and detected by the Kindle transfer. If yes, please choose choose the Kindle as target, the Transfer button will be active. Please try again. If you are still failed, please report this problem to Epubor Customer service: support@epubor.com, they will help you fix this issue.
03/29/2018 10:36:47

Thank you so much!

I always have such trouble with out of the box things like this and was worried that this wouldn't work for me but it worked like a charm and now I can read my kobo books freely on my kindle, no trouble.

Thank you again.

03/31/2018 14:12:14
We are glad to know that our software helps!
01/27/2019 00:51:04
I have over 100 books in a Galaxy Note8 tablet that I need to transfer to my new Kindle 10.  Please tell me how to do this.  The tablet has become unreliable and I have to force it to open every time.  
01/29/2019 15:03:29

Please firstly tell us which store those books are purchased from. Then I can tell you the correct solution.

For better resolving your problems, I highly recommend you contact epubor support center support@epubor.com

02/15/2019 07:29:16
I want to convert a Kindle book bought on Amazon and downloaded to my mobile phone Android Kindle app, convert to my Kobo ereader and read it on my Kobo ereader. Is that possible with this software?
02/15/2019 10:39:24
Kindle Transfer can help you transfer Kindle books to Kobo or another Kindle device. But if you want to download Kindle books to your mobile devices, we suggest you use Epubor Ultimate software instead, which can also help you download kindle books to Kobo device as well.
03/15/2019 18:13:06

This would be a brilliant system if it actually worked. I downloaded the trial version and it doesn't recognize my kindle fire 7 no matter which port I try. I have also tried on my Dads computer and it doesn't work on his either.

This was a waste of time and a major let down.

03/29/2019 07:31:02
This app worked so well.  My kobo is too old to be recognized by the program (Kobo has stopped supporting it, hence the switch to kindle), but I used the kobo desktop reading app and it worked perfectly, locating all of the books on my computer that I had downloaded and transferring them tony kindle with the click of a button.  My one issue is that there are a few books who's cover art didn't come across, so when I look at them on the kindle they all look the same, I can't tell which is which without opening it.  Is there a fix for that?  most worked, there are just a handful that did not.  Thanks for this awesome tool!
04/1/2019 17:42:16
Thank you for using Kindle transfer. To fix your problem, when you have transferred the kobo books to your kobo, please add .kepub before .EPUB.  When have you changed your book title like BOOKTITLE.kepub.epub, the book cover will be displayed at your Kobo device
04/1/2019 17:49:29
Thanks for the reply, but I am going the other way (converting kobo books to kindle) and book covers aren’t displaying on the kindle.  Anyway to fix that?
10/18/2019 15:51:15
Thanks :) It works so quickly and easily, I don't know what so many other people are struggling with....the instructions are so simple...
10/19/2019 09:58:25
Thank you for your feedback. We are glad to be helpful.
06/3/2021 05:08:57
My macbook will not let me install the Epubor software because it can't figure out if it is malware.
06/3/2021 09:28:16
Thank you for using our software. We are ensure that our software is 100% clean and safe. Please follow this guide to install Epubor software on your mac: https://www.epubor.com/faq.html#e701
Any more problem, please feel free to contact us via support@epubor.com
09/4/2021 07:25:51
I cannot get the Kindle Transfer to work. This article says it should handle the conversion. I followed all of the directions but when I click on "Transfer," I just end up with a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in it next to all of the files. Really upset, since I paid for the software as the free trial was not downloading. What else do I need to do?
09/4/2021 08:58:57
Thank you for using our software. We are sincerely sorry for this issue. Our technial staff will contact you ASAP to help you fix the issue you mentioned.
08/20/2022 22:37:10
I purchased this software yesterday to move my Kobo library to a new Kindle paperwhite. When trying to transfer it does nothing. When viewing my Kindle library it mentions that my firmware is to new and to use an older version of the Kindle PC app. I downloaded it from your site and installed making sure update was turned off. I still have the same problem. This is marketed as easy to use but there is zero ways to know what I need to and I am at the point of asking for a refund.
03/29/2023 02:52:58
Is there any way I can convert the other way round, from Kindle to Kobo?
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