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12/22/2015 05:03:41
Trial software, feel good, the transfer effect is very ideal?I am very much hope to be able to get a lifetime activation code, so that I can work a great help, thank you
12/22/2015 05:14:56
The software was found to find a great test
12/25/2015 07:44:37
Christmas promotion can not be upgraded version, hoping to get an upgrade version?
12/25/2015 07:52:36
In the Wonderfox christmas cross year activities, the installation of Ultimate Epubor, the use of several PDF format conversion to Kindle (PDF on the Kindle support is not friendly enough), the results are very good. But this version of Ultimate Epubor is not supported by upgrades and technical support, a little regret. Such a good software, Kindle is simply Yohyo artifact, hoping to have a support upgrade version.
12/25/2015 20:27:06

Do you want convert PDF document to Kindle?
No software are good at this function, if convert PDF to MOBI, the book will lost some quality.

Next version, we will cut PDF white border.

Do you have some better advices?

01/25/2016 07:07:59
Would have liked to try this offer from Giveaway of the day. It downloads and runs ok but the start up screen is so big I cannot access the arrow action at the bottom of the screen. Even with the toolbar closed it does not work. It just expands to take up all the screen again. Others have complained of the same thing on the GOTD comments site.
01/26/2016 19:45:32


Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the trouble. We are trying to solve the problem.

01/25/2016 14:15:45
Programme too big for screen
01/26/2016 19:46:47


Sorry for the trouble. We are trying to solve the problem. Thanks for your understanding !

02/18/2016 13:07:39
This software has increased my efficiency and easy access to all my Kindle collection as I can transfer as I like without fear. A big thank you to the developer of this excellent tool. It is a tool that every Kindle reader must have.
07/24/2017 08:06:44

have used this program for over a year and then this spring i could no longer transfer kobo books to kindle ...see customer support msg from March 2017

Dear Customer,

A customer support staff member has replied to your support request, #782025 with the following response:

Hi there,

Thank you for using our software.

Kobo now had released new format Kobo plus recently. For now, for this kindle transfer can not handle kobo plus format. Our technical team is working on this problem. Once there is any progress, we will let you know.

We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused.

07/26/2017 16:49:49

Thank you for using our software. The books you downloaded via Kobo Plus subscription is not purchased by yourself. It is rented books.
An important premise for removing DRM is you should be the owner of the book, in other words, the books must be purchased by you.

Therefore, decrypting rented books is not supported by Epubor software, sorry for the inconvenience.

08/3/2017 20:19:07
I supposed with the software it should be easy by connecting the iPad and Kindle together to the PC for transfer. Few of us gathered and still not able to do it... sad.
08/9/2017 09:21:53
We are sorry to inform you that Epubor software can not detect the ipad, but it does support Kindle devices.

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