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Remove Kindle DRM

Use Epubor software to remove Kindle book's DRM. Including books from Kindle for PC/Mac, books from Kindle eReader device like Kindle keyboard, Kindle Touch, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage.

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Remove Kobo DRM

Use Epubor software to remove Kobo book's (Kobo KEPUB) DRM. Support latest version of Kobo desktop reading app and Kobo eReader's latest firmware update.

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Remove Adobe DRM

Many online eBook stores are using Adobe Adept DRM, like Google Play, Sony, and many small/medium size eBook stores. Epubor software handles Adobe DRM perfectly and easily.

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Handle ACSM File

ACSM is not a completed eBook file, if want to open and read it, you need to convert ACSM to EPUB/PDF eBook. This post covers everything you need to know about ACSM.

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Transfer Kindle Books

Nowadays many families own more than one Kindle, this article tells you how to transfer/share eBooks between two Kindles, even they are registered with different accounts.

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Remove Nook DRM

Since 2015, Nook changes their DRM protection frequently. In other words, this method may becomes invalid months later. However, we are keeping this article updated.

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