Troubleshooting: Kindle Books not Downloading

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I bought a kindle book yesterday, but it won't download to my Kindle Paperwhite. Any one experience the same issue?

The Amazon Kindle Store stands as one of the most widely renowned online ebook vendors. It provides users with various reading options, such as Kindle e-ink devices, the Kindle app, and Kindle Fire tablets. When confronted with the issue of Kindle books not downloading, the frustration can be truly disheartening. In this article, I will delve into troubleshooting methods for addressing the problem of Kindle books not downloading. These solutions aim to help you successfully download all your Kindle books.

Before the general solutions, I want to share some solutions to the issues that we can identify what causes them.

Case 0:Your Kindle App requires an update to view this content -- Item not available for this device type

kindle app update requirements

Amazon has apparently changed the format of the files downloaded to a PC since 2023. Older versions such as 1.32 cannot open and read this new format. You get a pop up message telling you that you have to upgrade to the latest version of kindle for PC. This happens to the kindle books published since 01/03/2023.

Solution 1: If you just want to download and read these kindle books with your Kindle App, you can just update the kindle App to the latest version and download them for reading. Pro tips: Epubor Ultimate now supports the latest version of Kindle for PC/Mac. If you are interested in removing kindle drm, please just download the Epubor Ultimate latest update now for free!


remove kindle drm

Solution 2: Another way to download the kindle books published in 2023 is "Download and transfer via usb". If you have a kindle eink device registered with your Amazon account, you still download your kindle books. Kindle unlimited books doesn't support this download method anymore since 2023.
You can download these kindle books to your computer via "Download and transfer via usb" . And then remove drm from them with Epubor Ultimate.

download actions

Case 1: License Limit Reached

license limit reached

If you see this message when you try to download kindle books, that means your kindle books license limit is exceeded. According to Amazon’s kindle store terms: “Kindle content is licensed, not sold, to you by the Content Provider”. Please keep in mind that Kindle books can only be downloaded to a certain number of devices and apps at the same time.

Usually, the limit is 6 devices per user which is set by the publisher but there may be regional differences depending on the country where you live. If it is disclosed, you can find it at the product detailed page as the below picture.

publisher limits

Solutions: You can always download kindle books to one of your regular devices or delete the kindle device you're no longer using on Amazon website. Below is how to:

Go to Manage Your Content and Devices on Amazon.com. Under "Device" tab, select the device you're not using, click on "Device Actions">>"Deregister". Then try to download this book on your current kindle device again. It should be succeeded this time.

Deregister kindle device

Case 2: Kindle eTextbook not Downloading

When comes to Kindle eTextbooks, the kindle book not downloading issue will be more frequent. It has much more limitations compared with other normal kindle books.

1.Kindle eTextbooks may not supported on Kindle E-Readers and Kindle Cloud reader, but only the latest version of Kindle for PC/MAC.

kindle eTextbooks limits

2.Simultaneous Device Usage: Up to 2 simultaneous devices, per publisher limits.

kindle eTextbooks limits

1. Please check the etextbook detailed page on Amazon to see which kindle app or device supports this book, and then use the correct device to download the kindle books. Usually, eTextbook only can be downloaded via the latest version of Kindle for PC/MAC.
2. Meanwhile, please ensure the kindle book only be downloaded to limited kindle devices.

Case 3: Sample books or Kindle unlimited books not Downloading

kindle pc mac 1.26

Error Message: PCMAC_126_Delivery_Error_Upgrade_Mac

If you are not using the latest kindle App for Mac to download kindle unlimited or sample books, you will be encountered the error message "PCMAC_126_Delivery_Error_Upgrade_Mac".

Solution: To fix this issue, it seems the only way is to install the latest Kindle app for Mac.

More information: Amazon made some changes to Kindle Unlimited ebooks in 2023. It removed the "Download and Transfer via USB" option for Kindle Unlimited books. However, the good news is that books borrowed from Kindle Unlimited can still be downloaded on Kindle for PC versions older than 1.26 if they were published before January 3, 2023.

Case 4: Kindle Books not Downloading Automatically

I need to tap the book cover to download each of my Kindle books. Is there any way to let the Kindle books download automatically without tapping?

To make the Kindle books download automatically, you need to set your Kindle device as default. Here is how to do it: go to 'Devices' on the Amazon website. Here you'll see all your registered Kindle devices on this page. Select your current Kindle and set it as the default device. This will ensure that anything is downloaded automatically to that device.

set kindle as default kindle device

Case 5: General Solutions for Kindle Books not Downloading

Solution 1 Turn off and restart your kindle.

This is the most common tip but can fix most of your problem. Learn how to restart or reset kindle to factory in different ways now.

Solution 2 Check your wireless connection and ensure it works properly.

How to: Disconnect the wifi and reconnect it again. If it still doesn't work, you can disconnect the current wifi and connect to your mobile hotspot. If this can help you download the kindle books, that means there must be some problem with your wireless connection.

Low battery level may cause the poor internet connection. So please ensure the battery is charged sufficiently. Let's say charge your kindle when its battery is less than 25%.

Solution 3 Delete and Re-download.

1. If your kindle book or kindle app get stuck during the book downloading, you can delete the book from your kindle app and try re-downloading it from your kindle cloud.

2. If the Kindle books are stuck, then delete the kindle app and re-download it. Then try to download the kindle books again.

Solution 4 Let it alone and try to download the Kindle books about 1 or 2 hours later.

There must be some sort of server delivery error. I am getting the same problem. When I attempt to download books from the Cloud to my Device (iPhone 6+), the download fails at ~99.5%. I've tried multiple books, and all fail to download completely. I receive the "Tap to Retry" message again and again.

It could be the server-side issue if your kindle book get stuck at "pending". This can be proved by the feedback from Amazon side: we're facing the technical issue with our website and we've reported this to our technical team, and they're working on it. This issue will be fixed within 1-2 hours. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. This issue will be fixed within 1-2 hours, once the issue fixed you will be able to download the book.

Solution 5 De-register and register kindle/kindle app.

Deregister will clear all the data of your kindle/kindle app. This also can help you clear some unidentified issue.

Solution 6 Update your kindle firmware to the latest version.

The software error also can cause the kindle book not downloading issue. Please check whether the firmware of your kindle device is outdated. If yes, please update it.

update kindle firmware

How to update kindle device: Go to the home page of your Kindle device>>Three dots>>Settings>>Device Options>>Advanced Options>>Update your kindle.

update kindle firmware

Solution 7 Check your digital orders.

1. Go to your Digital Orders and check if the issue book has been ordered successfully. If not, please purchase it again.

2. Meanwhile, you need to check if your 1-click payment are valid or not. Usually, the Amazon doesn't give the option to disable 1-click for kindle purchase, so the only thing you need to check is the credit card you tie to 1-click purchase is still working or not.

Solution 8 Deliver the kindle book to a specific kindle device or app.

Go to the Manage Your Content and Devices page at Amazon to find the ebook or app that won’t download. Then tick the box before the book, then click on "Deliver", select the device you want to deliver this book to in the pop-up window and then click on "Deliver". Then try to download this book again.

Solution 9 Hard reboot the kindle.

Now you may have tried everything mentioned above, like checking the wifi connection, re-download, de-register and register again, but still cannot download your kindle books. Here comes to the ultimate solution: hard reboot your kindle.

1. Hold down the power button for 20 seconds and then release it. Make sure you keep holding the button for 20 seconds even the screen goes black.

2. The screen should flicker. You'll see the Kindle splash screen and a fill-up bar. Just wait and your Kindle will come back to life. Please note: the fill-up bar is the sign that your kindle reboot successfully.

3. Then re-download your problematic kindle book. The book will be downloaded successfully this time.

Solution 10 If none of the above resolves your issue, contact Amazon support for assistance.

There are all solutions that may help you download kindle books completely. If you have any better solution, please share them in the below comments.

After successfully downloading Kindle books, why not back them up on your computer? It is well known that all Kindle books are encrypted with DRM, so backing up DRM-ed Kindle books is meaningless. The right way to back up Kindle books is by making them DRM-free. The highly recommended tool for this is Epubor Ultimate, which can help you remove Kindle DRM and convert Kindle books to EPUB or PDF.

Download the tool for free:

remove Kindle KFX DRM

Download Epubor Ultimate for free:

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12/2/2021 22:17:39
Look into the Archive folder, I found my new books there.
01/26/2022 19:33:20
Confirm that your device is connected to a wireless network
If you are trying to sync Kindle or Audiobook content, verify that Whispersync is enable
Verify that your payment method is valid
or visit thier support
09/9/2022 17:58:46
If you are trying to sync your Kindle then check you are connected to the internet
or you can visit kindle support
01/14/2023 21:52:11
Cannot download library books
01/16/2023 11:43:29
Library books? What library?
01/15/2023 02:01:24
The following message shows under my book which I would like to download to my computer.  This title is unavailable for download and transfer.  How do I now download a book and so that I can convert it to epub?  
01/29/2023 21:54:25
At my age - 84 - I cannot assimilate downloading info. On 20th I purchased x 2 books I have tried again even loging in to re-purchase and nothing appears. The Kindle is on and fully charged.  What next? (61014 67)
01/31/2023 09:04:01
What's your kindle firmware version and kindle model?
05/20/2023 21:57:14
I have 7 kindles on my account. I used to be able to download different e books onto different kindles. Now I can only download them to my default device. What has happened ?
09/27/2023 23:15:33
Thank you for this write up.  I am not very tech savvy and this resolved my issue of no download response on my kindle.  Step by step guidance sincerely appreciated.  Jane
09/28/2023 10:24:54

Hello, thanks for your comment

I'm glad that we can help you.

If there are any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards,
Epubor Team

02/10/2024 12:55:44
My mother's  new  fire I got her for  Christmas has stopped  downloading  any book purchases.  It will  download 1% then screen  goes to option to read now  but it's a blank  screen  or just  the cover picture  nothing else.   I've tried  fact reset and she has Wi-Fi  connection.  This is  only  happening with  purchases,  she's able to  download  free books  no problem.  
02/17/2024 21:17:49
Please check the books you purchase on their product page to see whether they are available for download to your Kindle Fire first. If yes, you can contact the Amazon customer support to get this issue fixed. Also, have you checked your kindle fire firmware. Please ensure you are using the latest version.
05/3/2024 16:02:12

Trying to download books via the "Manage Content and Devices" page. (MacOS Monterey)

I get a message saying it's been successful, but the files aren't in my Downloads folder.

This used to work, so I guess Amazon have been fiddling with things again...

05/3/2024 16:22:36

Have now tried what I should have before raising the issue and used a different browser.

Files will download fin with Firefox, but with Safari, nothing happens. I guess there's been an update somewhere and Safari and Amazon aren't speaking to each other ;0)

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