How to Convert Audible AAX/AA to M4B with Chapters Kept

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Why can't I listen to Audible books on my Apple devices like iPod? I just purchased an Audible audiobook. It plays well on my PC, but after I transfer it to my iPod, it doesn't work with a piece of error information which indicates that the files are incompatible. What' wrong with these Audible books?

Have you ever been in this situation when loading Audible books to your iPhone/iPod/iPad? If yes, you must read this article. Regarding the problems of incompatible files, you need to convert Audible formats like aax/aa to other formats supported by iOS such as M4B. Next, I will show you the easiest way to convert Audible AAX/AA to M4B and sincerely hope that it can help you. When the Audible audiobooks have been converted to M4B, you can even transfer & listen to Audible audiobooks with Apple Books (iBooks).

If your target format is MP3, this guide can also help you to do so easily.

audible to m4b

What is M4B Format?

M4B is a file extension for audiobooks based on the MPEG-4 Part 14 standard. M4B format, used by iTunes to store audiobooks, is especially supported by iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac. It is almost identical to m4a audio format except that m4a is used for music rather than audiobooks.

Compared with MP3 format for audiobooks, M4B has the following advantages:

1 The biggest advantage of M4B is that M4B audiobooks can contain more information, including chapter markers, images, and hyperlinks.

2 M4B audiobooks allows you to store digital bookmarks which make it easier for you to jump to the point where you last left off.

3 Better sound quality.

Ultimate Way to Convert Audible AAX/AA to M4B with Chapters Kept

Epubor Audible Converter, as one of the best Audible Converter in the market, can efficiently help you remove Audible DRM and convert Audible AA/AAX to M4B/MP3 with 100% original quality preserved. Splitting Audible book into chapters can also be easily achieved with Epubor Audible Converter.

Step 1 Download Audible audiobooks to computer.

For successfully convert Audible to M4B, the basic step is to download your audible books to computer first. If your Audible books still in your online library, please download audible books to computer now. By default the downloaded audible books will be in .aa or .aax format. It depends on the methods and the formats you picked before downloading.

Step 2 Download and run Epubor Audible Converter.

Download Epubor Audible Converter:

Step 3 Add Audible AAX/AA files to Epubor Audible Converter.

To add Audible books, you can either click on the " +Add" button to navigate the folder storing your downloaded Audible books or just drag your Audible aax/aa books directly to the main interface.

If you failed to find the downloaded audible files, Where are Audible Books Stored on PC/MAC/Android/Kindle Devices will give you the complete answer.

Optional Step Split Audible books into chapters.

If you are in need of splitting your long-time audiobooks into chapters, Epubor Audible Converter must be your priority. It enables you to split Audible books into small parts by clicking the "option" button at each of book title. You're able to split Audible into chapters, into average time length or certain segments. Also, you can tick "Apply to all" if you want to apply your option to all Audible books.

convert audible into m4b with chapters

Step 4 Convert Audible AAX/AA to M4B.

Choose M4B as the output format. Then just click "Convert to M4B" and the conversation begins. If you want to convert Audible AAX/AA to MP3, you can also set MP3 as the output format.

convert audible books to m4b

After the conversion is completed, a folder which stores your converted m4b audiobooks will pop up automatically. Also, you can click on the blue folder icon on the bottom-right corner of Audible Converter.

converted audible M4B files

Frequently Asked Questions
Q 1: Can I listen to Audible audiobooks with Apple iBooks?

Sure. After converting Audible books to M4B, you can open these M4B files with iTunes or Apple Books (Mac Catalina) on your Mac computer.
open m4b with apple book And you can even transfer these M4B audiobooks to your iOS devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod) and then listen to Audible audiobooks with Apple iBooks.

Q 2: I've tried to convert Audible books that are downloaded to my Android device. However, I found they are all in .aaxc format. Is it possible to convert Audible aaxc to m4b with any tool?

A: If you have upgraded your Audible app for Android to 2.37.0 on 6/20/2019, you will download Audible .aaxc instead of aax/aa normal files. Until now, there is no tool that can directly handle Audible aaxc files. Therefore, please just download Audible AAX/AA books to your computer and then use Epubor Audible Converter.

Q 3: Is there any app for Android that can play m4b files?

A: Yes, Sure! Actually, M4B files are not exclusive to Apple devices and there are dozens of Android apps, like Smart Audiobook player, that can play m4b. Or you can read the review Best 8 M4B Audiobook Players for more recommendations.

Q 4: How to play Audible books on my iPod?

A: If you have an iPod Touch, you just need to download and install Audible app from the Apple app store, then log into your Audible account and go to the "Library" for listening.
But if you have an iPod Shuffle/Nano which doesn't support to install any app, you should first convert the Audible books with aax/aa extension to m4b/mp3 audios with Audible Converter and then transfer the converted audiobooks to your iPod through iTunes.


Congratulations! Now you can enjoy Audible books on your ipod or any other Apple devices after following the steps above. Doesn't Audible Converter attract you? Epubor Audible Converter can be regarded as the cheapest and the best Audible DRM removal and aa/aax to mb4/mp3 converter. If you should encounter any problems during use, please don't hesitate to contact us directly, we'll try our best to help you.

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