Ultimate Way to Remove NOOK DRM with 100% Success

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Barnes & Noble, Inc., a Fortune 1000 company, is the bookseller with the largest number of retail outlets in the United States and a retailer of content, digital media, and educational products. Unfortunately, Barnes & Noble no longer support updates to NOOK for PC or NOOK for Mac, which makes it even hard for users to back up their purchased NOOK books. Since many of you complain that you fail to get rid of NOOK DRM, so here we are going to show you how to remove NOOK DRM with 100% success.

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Notice: now you can only get rid of NOOK DRM on Windows 8/10 with the help of downloading NOOK books via NOOK App.

Step 1Download Nook books via Nook App.

Install Nook App from Microsoft store to your computer and sign in to your Nook account. Then you will be able to download Nook books.

download nook books

Step 2Get the Nook decryption key from Epubor.com.

The prerequisite of removing NOOK DRM is to get the Nook decryption key. However, the only way to generate Nook key is to send you Nook account and password to Epubor team: support@epubor.com. Please rest assured that your account information will not be leaked out or used for other purposes.

Step 3Remove Nook DRM

First of all, install Nook DRM Removal to your computer.

Download Epubor Nook DRM Removal

Then run Nook DRM Removal, go to settings >> Tools >> Generate Keys >> Open to add the Nook key file to .Epubor_Keys folder.

add nook key to epubor key folder

Next run Nook DRM Removal and you will see that all of your downloaded Nook books are displayed under Nook tab in the left sidebar. Next add your Nook books to the right main window to remove DRM.

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Tips: you can find the decrypted Nook books by clicking the book folder icon in the lower left corner of the software.

As long as you remove DRM from Nook books, you will be able to back them up to your computer and share them with anyone freely.


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03/5/2019 12:25:36

It is still possible to obtain the pre-app Nook software via the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.

It still works for accessing Nook ePubs, and autiomatically downloads them.

Unfortunately, ePubor's commenting system considers a link to the Wayback Machine to be spam, so I cannot post the link here.

The last backup I found was from February 11, 2012, so searching the Wayback Machine using the Barnes & Noble/Nook URL, and going to that date, and searching for the page with links to the Nook software should do the job.

04/24/2019 10:52:39
NOOK study stopped working, you can not log in, until now there is nothing to remove the drm of Nook books
09/22/2019 16:29:53
When will this new software be released?
09/24/2019 09:48:30
After reading the whole page, I finally got to the bottom where the "Notice" says the DRM can no longer be removed from Nook. And you can't generate a new key using the DeDRM plugin in Calibre because it won't retrieve the key from the B&N login. I looked at all the info in the AppData area for the Nook Win10 app and none of the info seems to be a loadable key (*.b6). All avenues seem to be closed. What a waste of time... and I won't be wasting more time buying anything from B&N again. I wish I had backed up my books earlier.
09/29/2019 08:51:19
Hi there,
Thank you for leaving the comments. For the nook drm removing, please contact our customer service (support@epubor.com)to get further assistance. Our customer service will help you back up your purchased nook books.
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