Useful Chrome Tricks You Should Know

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There's no denying that Google Chrome is the most popular web and mobile browser all around the globe. Although we use it to search information everyday, most of us don't know anything about Chrome's hidden function and features. So here are some less know Chrome tips and tricks in this post that will help you to get more out of you chrome browser.

Tip 1: Use Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

Below are just a few of the top favorite Chrome keyboard shortcuts that can help improve your productivity.

Ctrl+1-8 = Pressing Ctrl and any number 1 through 8 will move to the corresponding tab in your tab bar.

Ctrl+9 = Switch to the last tab

Ctrl+H = Show history

Ctrl+T = Open a new tab

Ctrl+J = Open Downloads window

CTRL+P = Save web pages as PDF

Ctrl+Shift+T = Undo any closed tab

Ctrl+K = Move the cursor to the Omnibox

Ctrl+Shift+D = Bookmark all your tabs at once

Note: If you're on a Mac, hold the Command(Cmd) key instead of Ctrl key.

Tip 2: Use Chrome as Calculator

Simple equations in the Omnibox will auto-populate with the solutions.


Tip 3: Use Chrome as Image Viewer and Media Player

Whenever you find a beautiful picture on your Chrome browser, you can upload it to your facebook immediately by copying and pasting it's url address in the Omnibox?without downloading it first. And you can also open any pictures on Chrome by just dragging your picture to Chrome new tab. Besides this, Chrome can play any of your video which is dragged to Chrome new tab.


Tip 4: Mute Noisy Tabs

One of the more useful Chrome flags can be activated with the code: chrome://flags/#enable-tab-audio-muting in the Omnibox. This puts an audio icon on the top of each tab, allowing you to mute them if they're playing in the background, even if you're not on that page.

Tip 5: Use Google Dictionary Extension to Translate Anything

Chrome already has built-in Google Translate for entire webpages, but if you just want information on a select phrase or passage, you can get it instantly. The Google Dictionary extension lets you highlight words to see their definition instantly, rather than right-clicking and opening the menu.

Download Google Dictionary Extention on Google Play Store.

Tip 6: Pin Your Favorite Pages Instead of Bookmarking

For sites you visit all the time, just right-click the tab and select Pin Tab in the menu to make it a permanent fixture on the left side of your browser.It can save you a lot time finding it next time. Most importantly, it won't occupy too much space which can make your browser looks neat.

Tip 7: Use Chrome as a Notepad

Do you know that Chrome can be even used as a notepad? Just copy and paste data: text/html, <html contenteditable> to the URL bar of a new tab on Chrome, then you can write down any great idea you have.

Tip 8: Use Chrome Incognito Window

Everyone has secret interest that you don't want to share with other people. Pages you view in incognito tabs won't stick around in your browser's history, cookie store, or search history after you've closed all of your incognito tabs. To use incognito window you need to press Ctrl+Shift+N.

Tip 9: Enable Guest Browsing

Chrome's guest mode allows others to use your computer without stumbling on your private information.Go to Settings > People > and check Enable Guest Browsing. Your guest's browser history and cookies won't be saved, and they won't have access to any of your browser's information.

Tip 10: Use the Autofill Feature

Use the Chrome Autofill feature for automatically filling out any online form with common fields such as your name, e-mail, address, etc. To activate Autofill function you need to go to Settings > ClickShow advanced settings> Click Manage Autofill settings under Passwords and forms> Click the Add new street address button> Fill out all address settings you want to be saved and click OK.

Tip 11: Use Chrome Task Manager

In Chrome Task Manager you will see multiple tasks running for each open tab. And it will show you how much memory and CPU resources each open tab and extension you have installed is using. To open the Task Manager you need to press Shift+Esc.


Tip 12: Drag Multiple Tabs into Chrome at Once

Most people may not know that drag and drop Chrome tabs into their own browser windows can be done with more than one tab at a time. Just hold down the Ctrl key and click on all the tabs you wish to move.


Are you amazed at these useful Chrome tips and tricks listed above? I believe that these useful Chrome tips and tricks will boost your productivity greatly if you use them.


Hillary Zhang works for Epubor and writes articles about eBooks and eReaders. She seeks the methods to read eBooks more freely and wants to share all she has got with you.

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