Where are Google Play Books Stored?

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If you ever bought ebooks from Google Play store, you will know that you can read Google play books both online and offline. For most users, reading books offline is always the first choice. But have you ever found your downloaded Google play books? Yes, I mean the Google play books offline storage location on your computer or mobile device. If not, here is the comprehensive guide on where Google Play Books are stored on computer and Android devices.

where are google play book stored

Where are Google Play Books Stored on My Computer (Win/Mac)?

To find the Google Play books offline storage, you need to download your Google play books to your computer. Have you downloaded your Google plays Books to your computer yet? If not, let’s download it now. Since there are two different situations after the Google play books have been downloaded, I want to spend a little time on explaining them because it will help you understand where Google Play are stored on your computer much clearly.

Case 1 Download Google Play books directly.

There are some books, when you click on “Download to EPUB/PDF” button, they will be open automatically at your browser. In the reading mode, just click on “Download” button at the top right corner, Google play books will be downloaded to your computer. For these Kind of Google play books, you can choose where to store the downloaded files. You just need to remember the location.

download google books directly

Case 2 Download ACSM instead of real book.

Besides the above situation, when you click on “Download to EPUB/PDF”, you will get a .acsm file instead of the EPUB or PDF files you expected. This happens to most of your purchased Google Play books.  If you have downloaded Google play books to .acsm file, you need to convert .acsm to PDF or  EPUB at first.

Detailed steps of converting .acsm file to epub/pdf:
  1. 1. Install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE)
  2. 2. Authorize with your Adobe ID
  3. 3. Open the .ACSM file via ADE
  4. 4. ADE would save the .acsm to .epub (or .pdf)

Where are Google Play books stored on Windows?

From above steps, it is obvious that there is some close relationship between your downloaded Google play books and ADE. This also help us locate the downloaded Google Play books on your computer. To locate each of your download Google Play books, just right click the book cover in your ADE, then select "Show File in Explore" to locate the ebooks on your Windows computer.

explore google play books

If you want to find all your Google Play books folder on your computer, here is the default path:

C:\Users\Your User Name\Documents\My Digital Editions

Where are Google Play books stored on Mac?

There is a slightly difference on Mac computer if your original downloaded file is .acsm file. On mac, if you want to locate the Google play book in ADE, please right click and choose "Show File in Finder".

google play book location mac

The default path of Google Play books library is:

/Users/user name/Documents/Digital Editions

Where are Google Play Books Stored on Android Devices?

Besides the computer, most of the ebook lovers choose to read Google books on Android devices. But do you know where are Google Play books stored on Android devices? I also want know the answer for this question so I did some research but the result is not good for the common user.

Someone says, the default path for Google Play books on Android devices(external storage) is :


I checked my Android phone many times, but never find any folder like "com.google.android.apps.books", not to speak of the Google play books.

Someone says, the default path for “internal storage" is:

internal storage/data/data/com.google.android.apps.books/files/accounts//volumes

But I cannot find this path on my Android device.

Then I dig it deeper,  it seems if you want to access your content of your Google Play books on Android device, you need to root your Android device because the downloads are saved to a protected system directory. Since I have no Android device rooted in hand, so I cannot verify these two paths. So if rooting Android device is the only method to access your Google Play books on your android device, please think carefully before you take any action. Please note: if you root your Android device, it will run into low disk warnings all the time.

where are google play book stored android

Why so many people want to know where Google play books are stored on Android devices? As for me, I don't have much internal storage on my Android tablet, which is where the books automatically download. But I have an external SD drive that I would like my Google Play books to be stored on.

After investigating this issue for a while, I found that setting the external storage -- SD card as the default path of the Google play books is much more difficult than I imagine. Guess what--rooting your Android is the necessity. Then I don't want to take this risk. Therefore, I choose the easiest way to move Google Play books to SD card without rooting!

Pro tip How to move Google Play books to SD card for backing up?

From the above part, you've already known where Google Play books are stored on your computer. So can we just copy these Google Play books to your SD card directly? Definitelt no. All Google Play books are protected by Adobe DRM. You need to remove DRM from Google Play books with Epubor Ultimate before transferring it to SD card.

Here are the right steps to move Google Play books to SD card.

1 Download and install Epubor Ultimate to your windows/Mac.


2 Run Epubor Ultimate. At the left column, click on "Adobe" tab, you will see all downloaded Google Play books under this tab. Just drag these books to the right column, all Google Play books will be decrypted like the picture.

remove google play drm

3 Click on "output folder" at the bottom right to find all DRM-free Google Play books. Then transfer the DRM-free Google Play eBook to your SD card via USB.

Now you have moved your Google Play books in your SD card successfully, right?

Important notice:

1. To use this method, please download your google play books to your pc or mac as this software only supports windows and mac platform.

2. Removing drm from google play ebook will also make it easier for you to back up your google play books.

I guess now you can find your Google Play books no matter on computer or on your android devices. To know more tips about Google Play books, please read Google Play Books 101: 16 Golden Tips & Tricks You Must Know.

Download Epubor Ultimate for free:

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02/22/2020 07:00:02
I got it, thanks a lot
05/4/2020 00:56:08

Is it possible to convert google books into pdf or epub if google books do not provide acsm files to download for those books? I have recently bought some books that when right clicking them in google books they do not have the option to download pdf or epub so I cannot get the acsm files to get into Adobe Digital Editions.

Can epubor do something with this?

05/4/2020 10:30:46

Thank you for contacting us.
If there is no option for downloading epub or pdf, what's the download option? Can you please screenshot and send it to me via epubor.iris@gmail.com. Then we'll try our best to help you fix it.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

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