Why Kindle not Charging and How to Fix It

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Such a pity there are many problems on using Kindle devices because of this or that reason. One of those problems Kindle not charging is Kindle charging which cause people a headache. This post contains several conditions about Kindle not charging and how to fix it. Now here we go.

There is a glare screen for most smart devices except for Kindle which is also one of the reasons why people are crazy for Kindle. Ultra-long standby function of Kindle battery makes us enjoy a beautiful reading moment. But Kindle devices are weakness and must be used and protected very careful to extend their service life. We always pay attention to Kindle charging problems.

Firmware/Software Problems of Kindle Charging

Kindle Stuck When Charging

When charging may occasionally encounter Kindle stuck on empty battery screen or Kindle stuck on charging screen.

How to fix it: You can plug out and in or press and release the power button. If that useless you also can Restart Kindle.

Kindle Battery Too Low To Power On

Frequently using or lack of use results in Kindle battery too low to power on. Display very low battery information or power is empty also causes Kindle not open. And you must charge Kindle a few hours then later you can open it.

How to fix it: Long press power button 30 seconds then release and plug in a computer or a charger immediately. Leave it alone and a few hours later you will discover Kindle is charging again. When Kindle has enough power it will restart. And you can allow it to charge full power.

If one trial is useless, you must try it several times. Lots of users feedback to us that they succeeded after trying three or four times.

kindle low battery

Kindle Critical Battery Error

When using Kindle for a long time or lack of use, then the battery is empty and the screen may show Kindle critical battery error message such as “Critical Battery. Your battery is empty. To continue using your Kindle, connect it to a power source.”. When seeing this message, your kindle battery can't support Kindle to react with power supply. So you must try several times and hours to charge.

How to fix it: Pug Kindle into computer or adapter. When charging indicator light on then you can leave it alone. After a few hours then you can get fully charged Kindle.

Kindle Critical Battery Error

Kindle Battery Dead

Long time not using Kindle will make Kindle battery dead. If you remember it and want to charge it, then you will find Kindle has no reaction even though plugged in. Don't let Kindle battery run down. Even though few weeks or months not using it, you must remember to charge it few times.

How to fix it: Plug Kindle in to charge and leave it alone. During charging don't use it or turn it on. Charging a few hours later Kindle may be live.

Kindle Battery Out Of Sync

When using Kindle the battery may show to discharge very slowly and later rest of battery indicator decrease quickly but no change in using it. This means there is a problem with synchronization.

How to fix it: Insert Kindle into the power supply and close off Kindle. Charging Kindle for more than 4 hours or overnight. Then don't touch any button or using it. Unplug the power supply and open Kindle. Using Kindle until left 15% power and close it. Then charging Kindle again. After that, you may see the Kindle battery shows steady and no abnormity.

Hardware Problems of Kindle Charging

Kindle Charging Cable Problem

Make sure the charging wire/cable you use matches with your Kindle device. Collect the cable to other devices to confirm if your cable can be used normally. This will also warm the USB jack which helps to charge Kindle.

How to fix it: If USB jack of the cable is loose, you may need to give the jack a little pressure, then charging indicator light be on. But this operation is tired and troubled. So the best way for you is to repair the cable or just replace another one or buy a new cable. If the cable is broken, you need to buy another new one or seek help from a repairing shop.

Kindle Charging Cable

Kindle Power Adapter Problem

Make sure your power adapter suited with your Kindle. Strongly suggest buying a Kindle power adapter from Amazon could be guaranteed.

If you really want to use another power adapter except for Amazon power adapter, please check back of your Kindle, then you will see relevant information about voltage and electric current such as Kindle Paperwhite input 5.25V-Max500mA. That means your Kindle device can receive voltage under 5.25v.

How to fix it: Change another power adapter is the best way to charging Kindle.

Kindle Power Adapter

Kindle Charging Port Broken/Loose

If Kindle charging port is loose, you can search someone's help or by yourself to solder the port back into original position. Also, some electronic device repair shop can help you fix Kindle charging port.

How to fix it: Solder the port back;   Repair Kindle;   Contact Kindle Customer Service

Kindle Battery Broken

kindle battery problems are annoying. If Kindle has passed guarantee period and restart or recharging are invalid, a new Kindle battery may solve your problem. But replace a battery is always a challenge for most people. And this process hasn't any warranty. But if you have full confident to do this, please try it.

How to fix it: Replace Kindle battery by yourself;   Repair Kindle;   Contact Kindle Customer Service

Kindle Battery Broken

Summary Methods When Kindle Battery not Charging

Method 1: Restart Kindle

Official Amazon Tutorial: Battery Won't Stay Charged      Restart Your Kindle

Epubor Restart Kindle Tutorial: For Each Kindle Version

For firmware or software problems of Kindle charging, you can firstly try to restart your Kindle. Kindle will be OK after restarting in most conditions. Please try above tutorials firstly, if useless then continue to read following methods.

For Kindle e-ink version: Long press power button for 30 seconds(maybe press longer) until Kindle restart. Don't plug it in any power supply and leave it alone. Be patient for this process.

For Kindle Fire version: Pull out the power supply. Long press power button enough 20 seconds and release. Don't mind any information appeared on the screen. Restart your Kindle Fire after your device entirely closed.

There is also a "Restart" option in setting option of the latest few Kindle versions. You can find it and just touch this option. Then Kindle will reboot.

If Kindle doesn't have enough power to complete rebooting, you must charge it for few hours until Kindle can restart.

Restart Kindle

Method 2: Reset Kindle to Factory Default

In Kindle setting options, enter device information option, then you can see reset device option. Select it your Kindle will be reset.

Please mention this operation will change your Kindle to be brand new. After resetting Kindle, you will lose saved files of your device. And you must have to re-download previous apps, books or personality customization. Register your Amazon account and your books still be there.

Reset Kindle Factory Default

Method 3: Adjust the Brightness/Volume Level

Some Kindle users find out that adjusting the brightness/volume level can get Kindle to charge. It is a complex mystery about why this way is effective. But if there are no other effective methods, why not try it? So following are their steps.

Find the brightness setting. If Kindle has the automatic brightness button then turn it off. Adjust the brightness to the lowest level. Then open automatic brightness again. You may find the screen shows Kindle is charging. After full charging, you can turn brightness level to which you want.

If there has a volume button of your Kindle such as Kindle Fire, then you can turn the voice down then Kindle may charge normally.

Adjust brightness volume

Method 4: Repair Your Kindle

If matched hardware or device was broken or not used in normally, you can go to a local electronic product repairing shop. Please be sure this shop is reputable and experienced in repairing Kindle.

As well there are many repairing Kindle devices service on eBay, you can research the keyword "Kindle Repair" on this site.

Want to repair by yourself, check YouTube Kindle Repair Videos. But this isn't recommended.

repair kindle

Method 5: Contact Kindle customer service

When Contact Kindle Customer Service, you must have an Amazon account.

You can contact Kindle Customer Service to change your products or free repair if your products are in warranty period. Even though your products passed warranty period, they may give you a discount to change the bad one.

I recommend you select "Live Chat" or "Call me back" function than email which is very slow. Whether they can give you a satisfied answer or not in the end, as long as you contact them there is always a glimmer of hope.

Tips: Normal Kindle Charging and Full Charging Time

How Do I Know My Kindle is Charging

When Kindle is charging, there will be a lightning bolt on the screen. Enter into Kindle, it also has a lightning bolt on the top right navigation of the screen. It has an indicator light in the bottom edges of Kindle devices. When Kindle is charging the light will be orange/amber, and when full charging will be green. But if the light is not on it may illustrate there is something wrong with Kindle charging.

Kindle is charging

Full Charging Time

On the basis of the official word, charging your Kindle with well-matched cable and power adapter designed by Amazon will take less than 4 hours. Charge your Kindle by plugging in a computer with USB jack will take 4-6 hours. Meanwhile, according to the standard of hardware capacitance, it may take a longer time to full charging.

Kindle full charging

cro buttom

If Kindle not charging, please figure out which reasons lead to this. And you can try above methods. Perhaps you have better-solving ways then leave comments to benefit more users.


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06/24/2017 19:45:14
My kindle paperwhite,is stuck on the home screen,
I've tried to restart and it goes off then back to home screen. It's really annoying as I just downloaded a few books right before it stopped working.
I've even got it charging, the green light comes on then goes off again.
Really frustrating, can anyone please help or advise me on what to do now.
06/28/2017 13:43:30

Try a few more times to restart your Kindle. Hold the power button longer.

Try to delete those books firstly and check if the device is normal.

Plug Kindle into a computer. Check the internal storage of your Kindle Paperwhite. Maybe there is no enough memory of your device.

10/14/2019 00:33:39
I know this has been asked ages ago, but I have the same problem. I charged my Kindle Paperwhite two days ago, it worked fine. Then last night I tried to use it but it was frozen showing home screen. Tried to restart it pressing the button at the bottom, and it flashed and went to show the battery with a "!" screen, and then home screen again. It stayed with the light on. All it does now when I press the button is flashing a few times to a blank screen, and then home screen again with lights on. In the middle I left to charge a few hours, the light at the bottom went from orange to green, although still didn't work, and a few hours later went to orange again, as if it hadn't really charged. I don't know what else to do.
02/3/2021 17:55:58
Try holding power buttonfor 15 seconds and release. This will reset the device.
08/3/2017 00:44:36
Thank you so much for these things to try.  I'd given up with my kindle ever working again! I'd tried several things then googled for any other ideas & held power button for 30 seconds & plugged in charger & it burst into life! Brilliant.
08/3/2017 11:47:21
Glad to know that your Kindle works again!
09/18/2017 21:44:14
01/2/2018 22:29:17
My kindle has a picture of a battery with an explanation point on it and will not charge.  What should I do?
12/11/2018 07:48:33
My Kindle Paperwhite 2 has the same problem also.  I was wondering if 1) when the battery is completely dead or not rechargeable does the charge light not appear when connected to a charger? 2) how do I know if it's the battery or the USB port?  I opened up my Kindle and the USB port appears to be soldered securely.  These ports don't seem to accept much of the USB plug and can readily fall out of the port.  I'm wondering if the battery can be tested using an ohm meter.  Always fun fixing your own stuff but nothing ever seems easy.  I wish I knew if it was the battery.  That's an easy fix.
01/16/2019 08:39:03
I have an 8th generation kindle, only about 16 months old.  When I plug it in, the amber light comes on, but it never turns green.  I did change the battery, but it's still doing the same thing.  I have tried different chargers, all with the same results.  It's frustrating, because it looks like it's charging, making me think the connection is ok, and not loose.  I try once or twice a day to restart it, and this rarely works.  It hasn't worked in over 2 weeks now.  Any suggestion is welcome.  
01/29/2019 09:00:21
Unplug it and hold the power button down a really long time until it goes white. Then it should restart.
07/9/2019 16:37:04
This helped me and sorted the problem with my kindle. Greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.
07/9/2019 17:21:45
You are welcome. We are glad to know that your problem has been fixed.
09/30/2020 11:54:42
Thanks! This worked for me too. I had to do it many times and it finally worked.
07/10/2019 03:35:53
Same problem i am experiencing.
11/5/2019 19:29:03

I have the same problem. Paperwhite with battery with exclamation mark. No light when plugged in. Tried different cables. Pressing power long time makes kindle flash white sometimes, but then battery! reappears.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

04/4/2022 16:48:07
Did you find an anszer to your problem??? Because I have exactly the same.
03/10/2018 21:14:42
My kindle 3rd generation will not charge. When I plug in the powere light is orange but never turns green.  When I check later the light is off.  Have tried holding power button everything help!
03/13/2018 10:03:30
According to your description, maybe the charging interface is broken. In this situation, please contact the Amazon customer service about this issue.
08/23/2019 13:54:14

Hi there, have you succeded in solving your problem? I have the very same issue with my Kindle 3. A have ordered a new accumulator thinking it would fix my problem, but it didnt’t work.

Epubor: could I change this charging interface, you mentioned, by myself? Unfortunately we don’t have Amazon Service Office near.

07/18/2018 23:20:19
30 sec fix worked well
12/2/2018 19:34:48
My kindle was off for an extended period and would not take a charge. I used the first method suggested and it worked. It is now charging. Thanks!!
12/3/2018 10:07:25
You are welcome. We are glad to this guide can help you fix your issue.
12/3/2018 13:38:08
My kindle 10 won't church I think its in the port because charger works fine it came with kindle what do you suggest?
12/4/2018 08:59:22
According to your description, it is possible because of the port. I suggest you contacting the Amazon customer service about this issue because you do not use the all-new Kindle much, right?
12/7/2018 01:29:40
Have to jiggle my charging lead or push it to one side to get it to charge. I have tried different charges and all the same. How can I fix this?
12/7/2018 15:19:37
One of my kindle has the same problem as yours. I think this kind of Kindles need to be repaired. Is there any possible you can send it to the Amazon for repairing?
02/2/2022 21:12:54
I bought a new power lead for my kindle white, but it won’t charge unless I hold it in.
12/15/2018 03:31:56
My Kindle Fire won't charge more than 72% no matter how long I leave it plugged in to the charger. My husband also has a Fire that does not have this problem. I tried charging mine with his cables and the outlet he uses ( because his works we know this works fine). Still I can't get above a 72% charge.
12/17/2018 11:47:40
Maybe you need to rplace your battery of Kindle fire tablet. Contact Amazon customer support center
12/27/2018 00:20:24

My Kindle has been plugged in for the past 2 days and I still see the screen with the empty battery- no screen refreshing, no blinking, no reaction at all to any of the 30sec. (or longer) tries to restart/ reset it. The orange light is on whenever plugged in, though. Also, it is plugged into the A/C.

I have broken my old Kindle, D01100- no touchscreen, when I leaned against it (not seeing it on the bed) and destroyed the screen (or half of it). Still, decided to get another one of the same kind, second hand one as it is not available for sale any more, since I loved it- it's super light and has buttons :) Anyways, got myself a second one but left it unused for a few weeks (it did turn on, though, when I tried it after buying). Now I desperately want to turn it on but it does not react to anything I am doing. Should I leave it on charge for another day or two, or should I look into replacing the battery, using the one from my old Kindle?

12/27/2018 09:01:19
It seems your Kindle (Maybe Kindle voyage--second hand)  is not charging. That's why you can not restart it now as mine has the same issue. When the Kindle is charging, a light beside the charger interface will be light. So please ensure the interface has not problem at first.
12/28/2018 06:24:32

Hi again :)
Thank you for a quick reply.
The confusing thing is that the light is on, yet still it is not charging, as it seems.

Maybe a silly question but how do I check if the interface is OK, apart from contacting Amazon support of other "fixing sevice"?

12/29/2018 15:05:08
You'd better contact the amazon service as this thing never happen to us:(
01/16/2019 22:05:05

Hi all please I need help, my Kindle have been off for more than a year. I charged it over night but its not coming on. the orange and green light keeps coming on and off. I have tried the 30 second this and still no success, what can I do please. I have very important notes on it that I need. When on charge, it shows orange and the green.

Someone please help

01/17/2019 14:58:20
I guess the battery is broken, you need to ask for Amazon customer service or local reseller to fix it.
01/22/2019 01:28:09
Tried keeping my finger on the power button for 30seconds as recommended and it now works perfectly brilliant many thanks
01/22/2019 14:09:37
We're glad that our tips helped you.
01/25/2019 23:59:48

My Kindle refused to charge last night when I plugged it in - battery indicator had just dropped into the red. Note: I use mine pretty much every day. Not only would it not charge, it wouldn't turn back on when I tried.  I tried the "Kindle Battery Too Low To Power On" option listed above.  My Kindle is now sitting on my desk next to me charging back up.  Thanks for the help!


01/27/2019 06:55:15
Very good. Fixed my Kindle 8th gen on the second technique. Five stars.
02/10/2019 03:24:26
wow, very helpful. thks.
02/18/2019 11:56:24
I have fire 10 tablet  my son bought at an apple store in Walnut Creek, CA. 1 year ago.  I have probably bought 8-10 cable chargers because eventually the kindle stops charging. I’m so unhappy I can’t express enough but don’t want to insult my son for his gift. Right now I have two cable chargers & neither is working. Please help me w/ this.
Esabel Beltran
02/25/2019 15:57:55
So glad I found this site. My very regularly used Kindle paperwork just stopped charging. Had already tried a different charging cable but just displayed the battery icon with an exclamation mark.  Pressed the power button for 30 seconds as suggested, it re-set and now appears back to normal. Thank you.
02/27/2019 10:37:41
We are also glad that it works perfectly for you.
03/6/2019 03:56:19
Power button worked thanks
03/11/2019 00:00:06
My kindle lay unused for 2 months. Now it shows battery empty symbol. When i put it on charge it shows green light, but the sign critucal battery remains and kindle does not open. I tried several times pressing the "on" button. Light is green and after 30 seconds it bkinks and stops, but tge device does not ooen. Could you suggest what i should do now?
03/13/2019 19:22:19
Worked first time on my very old kindle that i hadn't used for ages
I was about to sling it
Thanks again.
04/13/2019 16:03:12
My kindle no light showing
04/26/2019 02:30:45
My kindle has gone quite some time without use and was obviously dead. It’s been plugged up into the charger since 8:40 this morning and it is now 1:30. Any tips or is my kindle done for?
05/4/2019 20:35:12
Daily-use paperwhite suddenly stopped charging.  The little charging indicator light doesn’t come on, and no lightning symbol on the screen.  Tried multiple cables that work on other kindles, but nothing.  Restarted, even reset to factory settings, nope.  It’s not our oldest kindle (mid-2015) but is the most-used one.  Worn out, maybe?
05/30/2019 19:35:08
my kindle fire won't charge, it has one bar showing and won't turn on even after an overnight charge . I've changed chargers and still no charge. I've tried  the turning holding the on button for 30secs still just 1 bar showing and won't charge.
05/31/2019 09:50:50
From your description, your should better contact Amazon customer service to fix this issue.
06/16/2019 10:52:52
Thank you for this information. My Kindle Fire showed no signs of life other than the screen going from black to grey when I pushed the power button. Nothing came on the screen at all. I held the power button for 30 seconds and plugged it in. It was back up within seconds and showed it still had 64% power. I thank the Google gods that
lead me to your page.
06/18/2019 08:34:10
Thank you for your comments. We are glad to know that this article help you fix your problem.
06/21/2019 16:52:48
Umm hey you just texted me and sent me to a page I can't access
07/7/2019 07:52:48
I’ve been trying your solution and trying your solution...and it FINALLY worked!!!
Thank you !! It took 3 attempts, I had to the power button when it was orange, and hold it down 15 seconds, then longer, and finally on the 3 try I got what looked like a powering up screen with a tree.
Soooo happy!! Thought it was gone....
07/8/2019 09:56:14
Glad to know it works! Have a nice day!
07/15/2019 09:36:02
We have tried all of the suggestions with no luck. I have an 8th generation Kindle Paperwhite (purchased new 6 months ago). It showed a low battery warning. So I plugged it in to charge overnight. In the morning, the battery showed 0%. Now the battery symbol is only visible with an exclamation point. It won't charge or turn on...
07/15/2019 14:37:33
In this situation, please contact Amazon customer service to get your problem fixed.
07/21/2019 21:01:20
Thank you! My kindle is now charging. :)
07/22/2019 11:06:04
That's great.
08/20/2019 19:22:39
My Kindle 7 will not start, it did before I left on charge overnight. When I switch on the green light shows but the screen shows a depleted battery sign. When I plug the charger in the orange light shows, same result.
I have tried holding the switch routine all to no avail, any ideas ?
08/21/2019 08:52:34
Thank you for asking. If above mentioned methods are not working for you, you can contact Amazon customer service to get the further assistance.
09/27/2019 05:31:50
Thanks, holding in the power button for 30 seconds then plugging charger back in worked. Kindle had not been used for several months.
10/2/2019 23:52:39

My Kindle was off for 4 years. I tried the 30 second thing a number of times but no dice. I then re=read all the postings on here and spotted the 15 second method. Jackpot I plugged it in and while the orange light was on I held the button down for 15 secs and then released it. to my  surprise instead of it flashing and going off a it had many times before it stayed lite and I got the familiar tree. It is now up and running.


10/9/2019 10:31:05
Thank you for your feedback. We are glad to hear that.
10/24/2019 07:15:42
Mi kindle 3 is not charging. I changed the old battery about 2 weeks ago, and it was working ok until it needed a recharge. I would connected it to the pc, and this could read the data, transfer files, etc; but the battery wouldn't charge, and after it was unplugged the light wouldn't com off. Now the battery is all gone and i can't turn it on. Checked the usb port already and it is not loose.
01/6/2020 06:54:53
30 seconds holding down the button worked !
02/1/2020 03:01:42
My kindle fire 10 hd will not charge.  I did the long reboot by holding on/off button until the screen went black and kept holding it until the device came back to life.  This worked the first time and I was able to recharge it to 100%.  I thought the problem was solved.  
A day or so later it was down to 50% and when I plugged in the charger it came up to 52%, but no more.  Tried the same long reboot but it was no longer effective.
Amazon recommended taking it to a local shop to get the charging port replaced.  They changed the charging port but it did not help.  Now the battery low warning icon is on the screen.  Is there anything else to try?
02/2/2020 10:16:04
Thank you for your comments. In this situation, you'd better contact the  Amazon customer service to get the further assistance.
03/20/2020 04:55:14
Mi Kindle 3 has been off for a long time, I plugged it in and charge it,  so the home page comes on with the battery sign on the top right corner empty. If it is connected, an amber light comes on, however, as soon as I unplug it, it goes off and nothing will happen if I slide the power button for 30 or more seconds. Any ideas? Thank you guys.
03/26/2020 21:40:06

I have given up my Kindle Paperwhite as a paper weight.Followed the 30 seconds mantra and plugged on and it bust into life and said it is updating its software!
Fry me an Oyster!

And thanks a ton!

03/27/2020 09:58:23
Thank you for your comments. Glad to know everything works out.
05/21/2020 17:15:09

I have a Kindle touch 3g (D01200) has been unused for a long time, probably more than a year. I took it out two days ago, and tried to charge it.

1. The yellow light is on whenever kindle is connected to adapter.
2. I have charged it overnight. When I checked in morning, the charging light was off. It never turned green.
3. Again when I connect to power source, yellow light is ON.
4. However the light never turns green, and Kindle is stuck in "Kindle Battery Too Low To Power On" screen (the  first pic in this post).

What can I do ?

05/22/2020 08:54:21
Long press power button 30 seconds then release and plug in a computer or a charger immediately. Leave it alone and a few hours later you will discover Kindle is charging again. When Kindle has enough power it will restart. And you can allow it to charge full power.
06/8/2020 02:56:11
I haven't uses my version 3 in a while and not sure I have the original charger or cable.  I tried plugging in to a few USB multichargers for iPad/iPhone (which I believe I used to use in the past) with a micro USB cable which seems to fit fine, but I'm not seeing any signs of life on kindle (no orange or green light) and I have the empty battery screen.  (1 tried 15 and 30 sec hold).  Do I need to have kindle specific adapter and cable?  Thanks in advance
06/8/2020 11:24:25
Thank you for asking. Please keep it charged and leave it alone for at least 2 hours and then check it again.
If it still doesn't work,  please contact the Amazon customer service.
06/14/2020 02:52:53

It might be that your charger port on your kindle was habitually pushed in too far while charging and now the charger is not connecting or seated fully in the port.  Try using a knife point or small screwdriver to pry the port back out into position and see if the charging light comes on when plugging in the charger.

Be gentle connecting the charger to the charging port.

07/17/2020 19:20:29
In a few days, the kindle charge was decreasing. Today, even while charging, the charge was decreasing and is now My Kindle shut down.light is on when charging, and usb is working well.Dont know what to do
08/16/2020 18:24:16
I had a problem in my Kindle paperwhite. I send it to the seller and he again forwarded to Amazon. The problem was it did not start after about 2 months later when I tried. The seller did is best to restart but failed and sent it to Amazon. Now the seller has informed me that the device has been arrived in his store repaired. My question is why do big company like Amazon make such a complicated device. I saw 1000ths of complains. People believe in company and company not respecting their belief.
09/27/2020 22:30:04
I thought this was the dumbest suggestion ever.  My battery was (I thought) totally dead and never coming back to life.  I did as instructed, holding the power key for 30 seconds then plugging it in for half a day.  Once, nothing.  Twice nothing.  The third time I was stunned - regular screen came back on and said to keep charging it.  It is now resurrected from the dead.  If you are not patient this will not work and seems crazy.  It may take 2 times, may take 4 times.  But it works.  Mea Culpa!
11/24/2020 00:41:25
yup, the old hold the power button for eternity trick works every time on my 2011 kindle. happy as a clam - no need to drop $$ on a new one.
12/9/2020 12:27:03

After no luck with any of the suggestions here, I took my Kindle Paperwhite apart, tested the 3.7V battery and its at 4.3V. I disconnected the battery, reconnected it and the unit booted up....even updated. The battery life meter now says 98%, but then counts down almost a volt every 30 seconds right down to 0%. If I try charging it during the meter discharge, it runs down even faster to 0%. Test the battery and it’s still above 4V, so not the battery but for some reason the battery life meter is working on it’s own and once to 0%, it shuts down the kindle and it won’t boot back up. Once I disconnect the battery, the unit resets and the life meter starts around 90% and the cycle starts again back down to 0%.  

If the meter is on the motherboard, I need to find a way to resync it with the battery. But it the meter is contained in the battery, then I figure  replacing it should work.

12/9/2020 23:23:36
still no luck resetting the life timer, so I cut a small hole in the back cover to expose the battery connection, and now it's no big deal to reset the battery when necessary. The battery still charges, just doesn't show it.
12/9/2020 12:29:45

After no luck with any of the suggestions here, I took my Kindle Paperwhite apart, tested the 3.7V battery and its at 4.3V. I disconnected the battery, reconnected it and the unit booted up....even updated. The battery life meter now says 98%, but then counts down almost a volt every 30 seconds right down to 0%. If I try charging it during the meter discharge, it runs down even faster to 0%. Test the battery and it’s still above 4V, so not the battery but for some reason the battery life meter is working on it’s own and once to 0%, it shuts down the kindle and it won’t boot back up. Once I disconnect the battery, the unit resets and the life meter starts around 90% and the cycle starts again back down to 0%.  

If the meter is on the motherboard, I need to find a way to resync it with the battery. But it the meter is contained in the battery, then I figure  replacing it should work.

12/15/2020 04:34:18

you are the best

12/16/2020 08:54:58
Thank you!
12/24/2020 08:02:37

I have a kindle paperwhite.
Phoned Amazon for advice, didn't get any instead they tried to sell me another device!

I've tried all day to charge it. No sign of any light.  Have a battery with exclamation mark.

Don't know what else to try.
Have swapped leads, charged from socket & laptop.  Have pressed and held button to turn on so many times. For 20 seconds, then 40 seconds.

Any ideas please?

12/24/2020 09:59:22
Thank you for asking. Please change another charger and then charge this kindle for more than 4 hours. Then try the steps you mentioned in the comments again. If you are still failed, you'd better contact the Amazon customer support to get further assistance.
Have a nice day.
01/9/2021 23:07:44
My kindle was not used for at least 2 years and now it won’t charge. Surprise :-)
The weird part is that when I plug it to the wall charger nothing happens, no amber light.
When I plug it to my computer, the amber light comes up, but only stays lit for a few seconds.
I’ve tried holding the power button while the light is on, but no success. Any insights? Thanks and great forum.
02/8/2021 03:08:11
I have an original Kindle and it’s telling me to recharge the battery. Nothing happens. I’ve tried the 30 second tip and the paper clip tip but nothing. I keep seeing the hold down power button tip but this one has the Alt/Aa buttons. Do I need to ditch this. I have two more. Thank you.
03/3/2021 10:54:21
I recently found my kindle (model D00901) after years of not using it. The screen showed 'Empty Battery', so I've been charging it nearly all day. At first, the amber/orange light was on. After a couple hours of charging, it turned off, but turned on again when I unplugged and plugged it in again. Any suggestions?
05/3/2021 15:18:40
this really helped a lotinstant respect thanks you
05/6/2021 09:41:42
Thank you for your feedback. We are glad to know that your problem has been fixed.
Have a nice day.
05/4/2021 02:13:37
This article helped a lot, thank you so much!
05/6/2021 09:43:40
Thank you for your feedback. We are glad to know you like it.
05/29/2021 22:27:19
    Thank you so much for your help with recharge fix. I thought I would have to buy
     a new one. Mine is getting old and when I have to replace it, I will buy another
     Kindle Fire.   You're the best
07/13/2021 10:43:37
Thank you so much!  Mine was working fine, plugged it in overnight and next day all I got was the ad...which didn't change.  Following your instructions holding in the on button forever it seemed it started flashing and shortly thereafter got the screen with the progress display...and back to my reading pleasure!  Awesome you are!
07/14/2021 08:48:18
Thank you for your feedback. We are glad to know that your problem has been fixed. Have a nice day!
07/26/2021 10:42:26

I looked up the problem I was having with my Kindle Battery.
Followed the instructions and wow I can now use my Kindle again.
Great site, would HIGHLY recommend for Kindle problems

:) thanks

09/11/2021 08:21:20
Thank you, following your advice, my Kindle can recharge again.
09/11/2021 09:43:13
Thank you for using our software. We are glad to know your problem has been fixed.
11/9/2021 02:00:14
My Kindle was left untouched for a month or so, and will not charge with its non-amazon charger (can't find it) that it had charged fine with before. After the long press and quickly inserting the charger, the amber light will only come on when I'm holding it, and, mind you, I don't have four to six hours to hold it! Any suggestions?
P.s, thanks for this article. it helped me get started!
11/23/2021 19:23:21
Have Paperwhite 10th generation stuck on screensaver. Battery replaced and charging normally (goes from amber to green after a few hours). Holding button: green flashes twice after 5 seconds. Screen flashes off and back on to screensaver. Amber light flashes 5 times then back to green and cycle repeats for as long as button is kept pressed. No reboot appears on the screen. Unit does not present itself if plugged into PC. Tried different cords: same result. Changed battery: same symptoms. Any ideas?
01/4/2022 05:45:10
Great the kindle battery stuck reset mode with: unplug, hold button 30sec, the plug and redo if needed several times worked like a charm! Thanks
02/2/2022 05:04:46

My charging port is loose and not charging.  How can I get this fixed?


11/7/2022 09:34:22
I had to take mine to a computer repair shop to fix. You COULD find a replacement on Amazon but then you'd have to fix it yourself. Cost $125 to repair. The part is about $8.
02/5/2022 22:39:26
My kindle fire is broken where you plug in the charger.  When I tried to plug it in a small piece fell out of the Kindle, so now I can't plug it in.  Is there any way to charge it?
03/11/2022 09:33:44
My kindle oasis exterior light showed charging but on the screen there was no charging signal and it was not charging. Tried the auto brightness trick and it worked. Mind blown! Thanks so much!
03/30/2022 23:27:03
The charging light was on my paperwhite but it wouldn't charge. Found your directions and Problem solved! Thank you so much!!
04/6/2022 02:34:19

Type :
Fire HD 10 (7th Generation)
Serial number :
Device registered on :
February 2, 2019

This is what I have.  Do you have the battery for it and can I change it out?

05/25/2022 23:34:33
I solved the charging problem using an older charger.  I had a problem with another item that would not charge with the faster outlets and was told to use a USB 1 which I did and it worked.  So with the kindle, I did the same thing.  Could not get it to get past the dead battery even though the light was on.   Plugged it into an older charger and let it sit with that for a while and bingo, it came back to life.
07/19/2022 06:01:08
Thanks for your suggestions. After a few attempts at restarting nothing happened. When I held the button for 30 secs and then plugged it onto a PC immediately, the orange light appeared and now is continuously  on. The screen had flashed for a moment too, so hopefully my Kindle unfroze. Fingers crossed, it will result in a charged battery. Thanks for you help!!    
11/7/2022 09:32:12
Yes! My Kindle Fire was stuck on battery with green lightning bolt on screen. It took about 30 minutes, but once the screen automatically turned on it showed battery at 1%. Deader than dead. Thank you!!
12/15/2022 02:05:14
This may have come up before,  but what happened to me was that my Kindle started running down and when I plugged it in.it simply wouldn’t respond. No light whatever.   The problem, I found ouf, was gunk or dust in the charging port.   Compressed air is the solution.
12/15/2022 02:05:16
This may have come up before,  but what happened to me was that my Kindle started running down and when I plugged it in.it simply wouldn’t respond. No light whatever.   The problem, I found ouf, was gunk or dust in the charging port.   Compressed air is the solution.
02/20/2023 15:36:13
Thank you so much! Your advice on "Kindle Battery Too Low To Power On" works like a charm. Luckily it worked after the first try (holding power button for 30 sec, releasing and quickly plugging in to charge).
03/17/2023 15:09:34
Success! I bought 2 Kindle e-readers and 2 Fire tablets off ShopGoodwill for $12. The two tablets and the Kindle Touch charged right up, but the Kindle Keyboard would not light up while charging. Didn't think about holding the power button down since it's a slide button, but I held for 30 seconds and immediately plugged in. Light came on and device powered up. I had a replacement battery in my online cart and was ready to click submit until I came across this article. Much appreciated!
07/18/2023 16:27:20
Hi there,
Please help.Screen shows battery low, exclamation mark,the light is green, I've pressed for 40 sec and rebooted. Battery top right corner says 99%, but next day it has Battery low exclamation mark again.
07/19/2023 10:15:52

Hello, thanks for your comment.

It seems that you Kindle battery is broken. You can try to replace your Kindle battery or contact Kindle Customer Service for help. Thank you!

Best regards,
Epubor Team

10/30/2023 03:01:48
My kindle is fully charged.   When I opened the cover to turn on -- it remained frozen and even my lock numbers didn't appear.   I have restarted it a few times -- nothing.   It stays the same - help.   Its only 7 months old!
03/12/2024 19:07:27
I have a Kindle PaperWhite 2022 - just over a year old. Recently its battery was fully depleted with critical battery error. I could not get it to charge despite change of power adapter and USB-C / USB-A cable. I also pressed the power button down for a minute. Changing power socket and to USB-C Power adapter and cable USB-C both ends I charged it for eight hours and it charged battery to 35%. Any advice welcome - Patrick
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